Easy Step by Step Method of Wearing Bengali Saree

| October 14, 2015

How to Wear Bengali Saree at Home without the Help of Others:

No doubt that Bengali style is one of the most popular ways of wearing sarees. It is a style that is also liked by the top bollywood actresses such as you see Kajol, Aisywariya Rai, Vidya Balan & Sonam Kapoor & lots of other on the red carpet event in Bengali Saree. All this shows how much this style is popular. Furthermore, it is not only famous in India but also in other countries. So, the ladies & girls who are interested in order to learn how to wear a saree in Bengali style then dear don’t move from this page because today I am going to highlight the method with step by step instruction, furthermore, pictures are also given for your assistance.

Learn How to Wear Bengali Saree:

The method is;

1)    First of all the things that you need are a Bengali saree, a puff style half sleeved blouse & a petticoat. Mostly the red & white color is common in Bengali style. The Bengali saree is us mostly made with Banarsi stuff or silk stuff.
2)    Wear your blouse & petticoat first.
3)    Petticoat should be wear firmly.
4)    Hold one corner of the saree & start to tuck this end of saree into the petticoat from the right side of your waist. Complete one & a half round in such a way that it starts from front right side of waist & move to left side of waist, then from left side of waist to back & from back to front right side of waist & ends from right side of waist to left side of waist near hip. In this way you complete one & a half round. Tuck it in a well way firmly.
5)    Now next step is to create a big box plate that will start from the left of the navel (the point where 6)you ends your one & a half round) & end to the right side of navel near hip.  )Set the box plate very neatly.
7)    Keep in mind that the length of box plate should be floor touch not on floor not above ankle.
8)    Secure box plate in a well way.
9)    Now hold the remaining part of saree I mean the pallau & set it in a straight patti form.
10)    Take it from the right side of waist (where you end the box plate) to below left side & then towards the left shoulder.
11)    Set it with pins or hooks. You will set it in such a way that one border of the saree will be visible on shoulder while the second border will be at bottom of this straight Patti.

1 way of  wearing bengali saree

12)    After pin up the shoulder part & throwing the remaining pallu at back of left shoulder. You need to draw the bottom border & take it from left side of chest to right side of hip & pin up.
13)    The pallu that you throw back on left shoulder, now it’s the time to bring it on the front side beneath the right shoulder underarms & set it on the right shoulder in such a way that a only little bit corner will hang at back of right shoulder.
2 bengali saree style

4)    Don’t forget to attach the key ring with this right shoulder corner because it is very popular accessory that is used with Bengali saree.
15)    Don’t forget to wear an oversize round red bindi into the mid of your forehead.
16)    Pair high heel footwear with Bengali saree. Medium heel is also best option. Hopefully, this method is helpful for you.
beautiful red  bengali saree with open hair kajol in Traditional bengali saree vidya in bangali saree White And Maroon Pure Cotton Bengali Saree

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