Easy Ways To Apply Mascara on Lower Eye Lashes

| June 9, 2015

Thick eye lashes

Thick eye lashes are considered as most prominent and effective fact which enhance alluring appearance of one`s face along with excessive percentage of glamour level. It retains elegancy and deepness in eyes with touch of beauty.

Current presentation

Our currently drafted presentation is allied with display of remarkable ways to apply mascara on lower eye lash with the help of image tutorial drafted by us.

Top ways to apply mascara on lower eye lashes

Here we are presenting sequenced steps for application of mascara to excess your eye lashes.
1)    Pick out perfect tip holder mascara brush in accordance with application technique.
2)    Prepped your lashes for proper application of mascara on lower eye lash.
3)    Apply same to upper eye lash.
4)    Use old visiting card or any piece of paper to cover surroundings of eyes while applying mascara.

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Our drafted presentation is correlated with display of nice and easy ways to apply mascara on lower eye lashes step by step.

applying mascara

black mascara applying

different style mascara applying

eye mascara for girls

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