Eye-Make-up Ideas in Funky Style

| November 27, 2013

We can find lots of make-up-artists in our surroundings but there are only a few who are taking interest in the new trends of make-up. For instance now a day, the funky style of make up is becoming very famous, especially, among the girls of this new generation.

So, a girl who wants to get this style of look as the models on the ramps or in girls in clubs/discos can get ideas from the following images. You can use light as well as dark color eye shades such as Carbon, Ricepaper, Aquavert, pompous & glitter type of eye shadow helps you a lot in creating this funky style of eye-make-up.

This style of eye-make-up is perfect if you are going into a club, concert or at other place. People will surely turn their heads when look this new & amazing make-over. Stickers are also available in the market for creating this funky style very easily. Enjoy!

Topic: Amazing Eye Make-Up Ideas
For: Girls
Style: Funky
Perfect for Going at: Parties, Clubs, Discos etc

new color funky eye makeup

sky blue funky eye makeup

Creative face paint

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