Fabulous Friendship Bands For Face Book Friends

| August 15, 2014

Friendship bands

Now a day, this trend is most popular among younger. Friendship bands used to give friends for offer friendship. These bands mostly made from knitted style with embroidery floss, pearl cotton, leather strings, yarn and silk cord materials. These friendship bands can charmer with pearls or beads. You can also give metal friendship bands to your friends. This collection consists on a lot of friendship bands. We define here some exclusive bands for our viewers and others you can see in the gallery.

Strings friendship bands

1 friendship bands images for facebook friends (6)

This is most popular type of friendship band. These bands made with colorful strings. These handmade knitted style bands made in different designs like straight lining, zigzag and swirl lining.

Double ropes friendship bracelet

2 friendship bands images for facebook friends (11)

This simple aqua color bracelet made with double ropes and golden metal. In the middle part of this bracelet are two little elephants. First letter of friends’ name is written on these elephants.

Pearls hand jewelry

3 friendship bands images for facebook friends

In this picture, you are seeing pearls bracelets. These bracelets you can also gift your friend with a card, gift or chocolates. These bracelets are more expensive you can easily buy these.

String and studded bracelets

4 friendship bands images for facebook friends (2)

There are four different styles of friendship bracelets. First turquoise color strings made bracelet has hole style ring, knitted style second bracelet adorned with golden studs, third single rope with gold metal and last two ropes whole decorate with silver gold pearls. All these bracelets you can give your lover friend.

Here you can see further friendship bands which made in exclusive style and nice materials. Mostly students of college and school are founded this trend. Hope that younger will like this post.

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