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| November 12, 2013

This kind of puppy is originated from Europe, Spain & Germany. Along with Catalan Sheepdog some other names of this breed are Catalonian shepherd & Catalonian sheepdog. They are neither big nor small but medium in their size. Their life expectancy ranges from 10 to 14 years. The height & weight also differs among the male as well as female Catalan Sheepdog. The colors in which you can find this breed very easily are: Black, Gray, Brown, Fawn & Sable brown.

If we overall talk about their appearance then we can say that male gender of this breed is heavy in weight & size while a female is less. The hairs may be flat, wavy or long as well as short. The have a face like a typically guardian dog while their nose is black. The eye color & size may also differ slightly. Abundant hairs on their coat look very nice especially when brushed/combed daily. The tail & ears is also covered with hairs. They are good companions of human beings as well as a good watch-dog.

If you are going to keep this Catalonian shepherd breed as your pet then you should keep some basic points in to your minds which are: they are intelligent so you can trained them & taught them lot of interesting activities/exercises very easily, Socialization is very necessary for this breed of puppies, You should also takes care about their health, food & shelter as well.

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black Catalan Sheepdog puppy


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