Get Inspiration From Bollywood Actors Summer Look

| June 14, 2017

To look like hero men try to mimic the bollywood hero style and the way they dress up. Almost every other man has his favorite hero in bollywood and he tries his best to know which style-statement look his favorite celeb has adopted recently.

Now with the arrival of summer if you want to manage your wardrobe with the same style outfits as worn by bollywood heroes then look at the pictures shown here. We will show you here how bollywood actors are spending their summer in most cool way.

Varun Dhavan summer look:

1. bollywood hero summer cool look (3)

Varun Dhavan is looking cool in his summer look. He is wearing slim fit jeans tucked in his leather booties. He has selected the jeans with sky-blue color button down shirt. First two to three buttons of his collared shirt are open and the sleeves are rolled up.

Going for airport to go somewhere you can have this cool way of dressing. He is wearing goggles of blue color and he is looking very charming with his fine-looking dressing.

Fawad Khan Summer look:

2. bollywood hero summer cool look (9)

Looking at the female fan followers of Fawad khan every other boy and man is trying to look like him. Here he is looking dashing with her cool way of dressing in summer. Wearing white pant paired with grey color T-shirt in stripped style he is looking damn attractive and handsome.

He has opted to wear watch and grey color boots to wear with the attire. Going at some place for some work you can adopt this way of dressing.

Hrithik roshan summer look:

3. bollywood hero summer cool look (18)

Hrithik is looking dazzling and stunning in his loose washed out jeans couple with T-shirt. Amazing printed designing on the T-shirt is increasing the refreshing look of this man. For summer beach party you can go with this dressing. Wearing joggers and stylish cap Hrithik is making his own style-statement look.

Shahid kapoor classy summer look:

4. bollywood hero summer cool look (17)

Shahid Kapoor is looking stylish and classy in his outstanding outfit. Military trend has made a comeback in fashion and bollywood actors and actresses are seen everywhere flaunting this fashion. Shahid is sporting military style T-shirt with black blazer. Couple with pant he is looking handsome and dashing in this attire. Go with military prints in summer and make your closet full of energy.

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