Ideas About Summer Fashion 2016

| June 25, 2016

Different dresses with the different things in 2016

0. ideas about Summer Fashion 2016

Trends are changing day by day because every person wants to change whether  in dressing many  things are counted like shoes ,jewelry ,sunglasses  and other many things of girls add in the grooming   so the trend never be same it is changing  according to every year  you can do rock  with your fashionable look and the fashions in  your knees without fashion you can’t  move in the society  people called you outdated  person the prints of the lawn and the other dresses are  coming new in the market but you  should wear  the trendy dresses in this new year and the summer  season is very hot  everywhere scorching sunlight and the sunburn is very bad for the  grooming   you can   make the dresses according to  the fashion then stay with us  and  see the new fashion trend   like  the  dresses ,shoes ,bags ,jewelry and make up  are changing according to the summer season in the summer you should go with the light colors because dark color  create the effect of hotness.
0+ ideas about Summer Fashion 2016

Dresses for the summer 2016:

1. ideas about Summer Fashion 2016

•    If you want to go  in the wedding ceremony  with full buzz  then you can select the  elegant  white lace  dress illusion neckline is very beautiful you can carry it o the wedding and for the  formal   functions  it is also best   because it is very elegant. With the white  color  knee length dress  you can make the braided bun   and silver jewelry  with light pink lipstick.
•    Sea color   floral dress for the sera inspired girls because  sea color is  symbolized to the  sea then floral sleeveless  silk printed dress  is looking good for the summer season you can  carry it in the   trip and your of the beach side with this dress you can carry the   tights and the  skinny it is up to you   and leave your hairs open .
•    Red  and black color long floral dress  with pleated  bodice  V neckline  and  sleeveless  rose  pattern on the shirt giving this shirt a full spring  look you can carry the  red color earrings ,  pendent and this dresses  good for the get together  parties  silver jewelry is also good with the pointed    pumps and the carry.
•    Digital prints are very inn it is in the kurtta,kurti and tunic  because these all are resemble to the   one another with the digital prints shirts wear the white pajama it look very nice  rather you can carry your favorite  matching pajama also  because cigarette pants    very nice   with it always wear flat heel chapel   and wedges  are also nice choice.

Hairstyling ideas for 2016:

2. ideas about Summer Fashion 2016

•    There  the trend of the  dresses are changed then how it can be possible that the hairstyle remain old you can go with the unique and new hairstyles  as just like that  intricate braid  with the side bangs and the curly hair  in this braid you can  use the motifs and the    rhinestones clips  to make it stylish and fascinate.
•    Now a days the tiara ,crown head pieces ,head band clips ,pins are really very popular among the people  so if your  wedding is in the 2016 then make the side swept  hairstyle and the leave your curly r hair  open   if you want to dye your hair then you should must  try it like caramel, golden and the  copper  colors  are best foe dye your hair shade.
•    Wrapped bun is the famous bun among the brides it is very easy and consume less time than  the other  you can use the floral garland in your wrapped   bun  it is mostly made by the Pakistani brides on their wedding and on the  their relative wedding  Asian girls are very  fascinating want to make it from the parlor.

•    Deep side swept  short layered hairstyle is perfect for the college and universities girls they make it on their school   look  with  this hairstyle do the light makeup  and  if you are going outside then wear the sunglasses with the hat  it is fantastic choice  in summer.

Shoes for the summer 2016:

3. ideas about Summer Fashion 2016

•    The summer season is on its peak and all are busy in making the new    dresses and other things to spend a perfect fashionable  time spending here we are talking about the shoes the wedges are so much trendy  you can carry funky color  wedge heel sandal  on the heel the floral pattern  is made by the designer .
•    Green and white flat shoes  with the laces is perfect choice with the  skirt and shirt dresses the shoes is something like slippers and the  green with white contrasted is very  attractive with it you  can carry the gray shirt with the white shorts.
•    The girls who are  use to the  flat chapel not sandal and heel then  you can  select the   tiny crystals wavy  the  golden strap is very  beautiful  th4e tiny crystals make your  foot nice   and if your foot are fair then apply the aqua  color shade  nail paint and apply it  on your foot nail’s  it is very easy and not  too expensive.

Make up for the 2016:

4. ideas about Summer Fashion 2016

•    In the summer the light make up is good because dark things are good fir the   winter if you are   doing the winter make up in summer then it look so odd do light smoky make up till the center of your eyes And natural pink lipstick not too much glittery and shimmery this make up is good for the fair complexion girl.
•    Blue color is inn in the makeup you can use the bluer color nail paints with the  blue color eye makeup and blue with red it is a outstanding contrast .  For the beach style look use the glitter eyeliner with pink lipstick.
•    At the place of black eye liner the blue eye liner is  good  you can apply the red and orange both colors    lipsticks are good  with the black off the shoulder dress and the  things which  ate trendy now days  dark blush on is remaining inn in the summer because people   feel the dryness on their face much hotness and  finish your all smoothness.

Hand bags for the 2016:

5. ideas about Summer Fashion 2016

In the summer  use the bucket handbags because all the bags are   getting  old now the  trendy  is bucket bag  the  bucket bag is available in the  carry and the shoulder bag  it can  be bought in the leather  and the suede  fabric  bucket bags are for everyone because in all these bags rbere are  pace space to keep the things at its   specific places.

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