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| November 4, 2013


Let’s talk abut most famous and illustrious dog breed that is being much popular as domestic pet. Yes buddy, this dog breed is known by the name of “Bearded Collie puppy” and has been found much sincere, affectionate and energetic. This breed has been originated in Scotland in 1514 and after a lot of research and observing study; this dog breed was introduced in messes/public in 1889 as home pet or show dog.

*- If we talk about this breed color than it can be described in just two seconds because this dog breed has some specific color like brown black, light grey, cream, fawn or black, blue and white and so on. The color of these dogs’ coat remains in changing steps until they reach in adult age.

*- Bearded Collie dogs have usually long shaggy, waterproof and long double coat that cover the whole body except the chin therefore they called as the name of ‘Bearded”. They have black square prominent nose, wide matching coat color eyes and drop ears that hide under the hair coat.

*-By nature, they are much polite, cheerful, happy, affectionate and tail-wagging funniness.

*- They are much better for your children playing because they like so much children company. They are loud barkers but not decorous as watchdog. Make some rules for these dogs and teach them how to follow these. Daily outgoing walk should be much essential and necessary.

*- As far as the grooming of these dogs is concerned that should be done daily. Comb and brushing is much essential for their shaggy hair coat. Daily their paws, ears, eyes should be cleaned and if you necessary shampoo, use it daily.
They like so much playing with toys, children and balls. Regularly exercise and walking is a necessary aspect of these dogs.

*- As a pet they can be kept in homes because they like to living in indoor yard.
They dislike apartment living style. But they are fond of sleeping in outdoor.
This breed is much innocent and blameless/harmless therefore you can purchase this dog breed as domestic pet without any fear or hesitation.

Dog breed: Bearded Collie puppy
Originated in: Scotland
Introduced in public: 1889
Color of them: White, black, fawn, blue and brown
Main fetcher: affectionate, energetic and cheerful
Perfect for: As a domestic pet

Bearded Collie Pup

Bearded Collie Puppies

Bearded Collie puppy

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