Inspiring Hand Tattoo Design Ideas for Men

| October 17, 2016

Tattooing the body parts is the tremendous trend of 21st century for young girls and boys but sometimes this is taken as the aggressive impressions because most of the time it has been seen from the part of Emo music bands. Now young girls and boys mostly get tattooed themselves by denoting different design allocating their personal or trendy expressions. However on different body parts you can have different tattoos but this time my collections will subtly give you idea of small tattoo on men hands. Well large tattoos depict you highly trendy or modern but for extra sophistication and cuteness a small tattoo will delight your style. the small tattoo on hand is also for those who cannot bear the pain of having tattoo through the ink of machine that is why a small tattoo will inspire you ravishingly.
Well there are many tattoo designs that is nowadays get by both girls and boys in which common are bird design, gothic, music, spiral, tribal design and many more. But I would suggest the teen boys to not tattooing themselves without permission of their parents as sometimes this hurts the sensitive skin very badly.
To have unique and best designs of tattoos let’s have a look at the collection below through images.

Music inspired tattoo design for hand:

1. Small Tattoo Designs for Mens hand

The small design of music beats on every finger is really very awesome to show your love for music. Well this is also a great idea of tattoo for Emo boys who have great inspiration for music but if you have any link with a music band then this will be a true declaration of your love for music. You may wear the bands or bracelet with music designs or embellishments.

Bird tattoo for men hand:

2. Small Tattoo Designs for Mens hand

Flying birds tattoos are the symbolization of freedom and the high fly towards the dream so this would be great tattoo for a man hand. The bird tattoos are the most common and trendy that has been tattooed mostly by girls and boys. You can make this tattoo on every part of the hand; in the image you will see beneath the toe the bird design is looking very awesome.

Gothic tattoo inspiration for men:

3. Small Tattoo Designs for Mens hand

Gothic inspired tattoos are mostly taken by men, in fact back and neck with large gothic tattoos are mostly seen but if you wanna go with small tattoo then this skull gothic tattoo on finger is really great. The skull symbol also indicates the aggressiveness of that person but you cannot say he is unhappy with his life but it’s also only the trendy hue.

Double triangle tattoo for hand:

4. Small Tattoo Designs for Mens hand

The double triangle or you can say it’s the prism that is reflecting your image terrifically. This can tattooed not only men but the women too because the tiny tattoo will not create any trouble for young students who wanna go to university.

Food inspired fun tattoo:

5. Small Tattoo Designs for Mens hand

Well there is nobody who has no love for food but having the foodie tattoo will surely be a fun thing over the hand of men. You may have burger tattoo seen in the image but pizza piece, bottle, bear or any other thing will also be a fantastic thing. You can match this foodie tattoo on the hand of your girlfriend too to signify your love and also the love of both for food.


Don’t get tattooed on sensitive body parts as sometimes it hurts in the result of itching and allergy.


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