Knitting Patterns & Ideas of Traditional Afghans Blankets

| August 17, 2015

Afghan Blankets Easy & Unique Knitting Patterns:

As the word Afghan refers from country Afghanistan which means the culturally the Afghan blankets belongs from Afghanistan. You have seen a blanket that is mostly kept near the sofa or easy chair where your grandmother likes to sit for long hours.

You have seen a wool knitted blanket on rocking chair as well as on bed, all these are known as Afghan blankets. It is actually made with wool thread. It is a very soft & light weight t5hread. Consequently the blanket is also very light weight.

But it provides lots of warmth especially in the cold winter days & nights. There are different types of Afghan blankets such as mile-a-minute Afghans blankets, motif Afghans & join-as-you-go Afghans, etc are most common. Here I am going to share some patterns of blankets with you. Hopefully you will like these.

Multicolored Square Pattern Afghan Blanket:

1 Afghans Blankets Knitting Patterns ideas (9)

The multi colored blanket with unequal size of square design pattern is looking very cute & pretty. If you have different colors of wool thread into your sewing basket then it’s the right time to use all these colorful threads & create a blanket for enjoying the winter nights with full warmth.

Chevron Pattern Afghan Blanket:

2 Afghans Blankets Knitting Patterns ideas (6)

If you are searching for very simple & easiest knitting pattern then I thinks you should go with this chevron art inspired pattern. The combination of chocolate brown, green & blue is looking very impressive & decent.

Block Pattern Afghan Blanket:

3 Afghans Blankets Knitting Patterns ideas (10)

In this blanket different blocks are made. The Mickey Mouse inspired design in some blocks & flower design in remaining blocks is looking very lovely. The grey, red, white & black color wool threads are used in knitting process. It can become a best blanket for a kid.

Doily Inspired Afghan Blanket:

4 Afghans Blankets Knitting Patterns ideas (11)

This afghan blanket is designed by taking inspiration from the doily (a small ornamental pad) that is mostly used on dining table.

Cable Knit Pattern for Afghan Blanket:

5 Afghans Blankets Knitting Patterns ideas (1)

This pattern is known as cable pattern. It is most common pattern & easy to do if you want to make a blanket at home with you own hands.

Motif Afghan Design:

6 motif afghans

This blanket is known as Motif Afghans. The colorful flower pattern on white color is looking very nice & stunning.

Join as you go Afghan Blanket Pattern:

7 join-as-you-go afghans

As I described the main three types of afghan blankets into the initial paragraph. This is one of these types called Join as you go Afghan. In this pattern it looks as different pieces are joined together as shown in the picture.

Mile a Minute Afghan Blanket Pattern:

8 mile-a-minute afghans,

This type of blanket pattern actually shows a pattern or design that has Minimum stitches. For more ideas you can explore the following photo gallery.

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