Latest Ideas For Decoration Of Mandap

| April 25, 2014

Indian culture

Indian culture is full of numerous cheerful events. Every event requires distinct decoration scheme concerned with event so that people can enjoy more along with symmetrical view as well.

Indian weddings

Indian weddings also acquires abundant of contented events which requires exclusive decoration ideas like there should maintained different decoration scheme for sangeet and mehndi and shadi is maintained separately.

Current presentation

Our current presentation is concerned with latest ideas for maintenance and decoration of wedding mandap which will surely satisfy one`s head and heart.

Previous decoration scheme of mandap

Mandap is decorated and arranged by bride`s family. Is was previously maintained with bamboo and straws which are collected from girl`s village. Now a day, everything is modified along with mentality of people as well.

Latest decoration ideas

We are presenting some unique ideas for decoration of mandapĀ  which involve utilization of trendy experimental decoration techniques with further amalgamation of floral and colorful ideas and techniques as well so that is standardize status of bride in front of people.

beautiful Dulhan Mandap collection

Dulhan Mandap collection

Dulhan Mwedding collection Dulhan Mandap

floral Dulhan Mandap collection

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