Light Weight Key chains Collection

| June 5, 2014


Keychain is a very little accessory but it has great importance into our lives. We usually try to keep our precious items locked due to the trepidation of grabbing. For example we locked out vehicles so that no one can start it & similarly we lock our home so that any anonymous can never enter into our home without our permission. Keychains are mostly used for keeping your home keys, room keys, drawer keys, car keys, bicker keys, & lots of other types of keys.

Lightweight Key Chains:

Keychains can be manufactured by using lots metals, wood, & other products. The weight of keychain usually depends on its size plus on type of product which is used into the making of this key chain. A key chain which is used by using heavy metal is called heavy keychain & usually less preferable while on the other we the light weight key chains are preferable more. Here I am going to share a very unique lightweight Keychain collection with you. Hope you will like this collection.

Metal Keychains:

Light Weight Key Chains are usually made by using a very thin plate of metal either in silver coli or with golden or black or gray color. This thin metal plate in various shapes (round, uncategorized, rectangular, square, heart & so on) makes a keychain lightweight.

New Designs of Keychains:

In this collection you can see that most of Keycahins are decorated by using the concept of signature & alphabetic themes (which are written on these thin metal plates). For example a round shape keychain with theme “Life with you Makes a Perfect Sense”, a pair of “Best Friends” Keychains, a heart shape key chain with “Thank you for raising the Man of my Dreams” & lots of other innovative designs.

Check out the picture whole gallery by clicking on each picture one-by-one. I hope you will like it!

1 ideas of lightweight keychain 2014

2 ideas of lightweight keychain

3 beautiful lightweight keychain

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