Long Ethnic Kaftan & Moroccan Abaya Hijab

| May 26, 2016

Abaya collection:

our current presentation deals with party wear fashionable Abaya and Arabian style Abaya and Abaya dresses for all modish ladies out there.

Abaya: Mostly in Islamic country any long and loose-fit coat or garment worn by some Muslim women is preferred in Islam is known as Abaya. In some countries these abayas are also considered as traditional wear. Abaya is considered as women wear which is usually carried by Muslim women with conceptual inspiration from their own religion of Islam and sometimes this concept is also shown in various events and in kaftan styles


Design of Abaya:

The Abaya are designed by using ribbons, thread work, rhinestones, fabric flowers, laces, and different color cloth for all the Muslim brides all over the globe


Bridal Abaya collection:

Black is considered as principal color in such remarkable collection because black is considered as traditional color of Abaya, but in this collection bridal abayas are also given in colors to excessively express style statement while being in any event or casually.



Stitch style of Abaya:

Awesome flown appearance in Abaya collection is maintained with plates and addition of unique cuts in modish way to elaborate a trendy way.




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