Luxurious Dresses of Men for Summer and Winter Season

| September 1, 2016

It is thought that women are always conscious about their outfits and they always want to dress up according to the fashion but Men of the modern age are also conscious about their dressing and they also want to wear modern and trendy clothes to look graceful. This article is about only men’s wear that what a man should wear in summers and in winters and which dress will suit him or which not.

Now the summer season is at the end and designers made warm dresses for men, the collection of winters start arriving in the shops so let’s see what is going on this winter season with men’s clothes. Sweaters, coats, socks, high neck shirts are the essential parts of winters.

Wearing high neck or turtle neck is essential in the cold weather to keep warm. This dress is for winters because a man in this picture wore a white pant with a white high neck and a blue coat over it. An office going man can wear it in work and this can be worn in winter parties. Mostly men like to wear turtle neck sweaters because they feel cold the most and they want to keep the body warm and want to avoid cold wind so this is perfect for them and they can wore a long coat with this sweater.

If you love skin color then this dress will inspire you because it is designed without any matching and all the things are in the same color sweater, pant, coat and shoes and wrist watch is also in the same color. You will look sophisticated in this skin and skin dress.

Mostly men want to wear leather jackets to look gorgeous because leather is a very popular fabric. A man wearing a leather jacket in dark brown color and wrapped a red scarf around his neck with black jeans and long boots is looking good. A college boy can impress his class mates by wearing this nice outfit.

Grey color is in fashion now days and every man in this picture is wear grey suit and grey color looks beautiful in light and dark shades. If you live in the coldest part of the world then shearling is the best options for winters and this can be used year after year and you can wear wool gloves if you feel too cold and if there is snow fall in the area. Green colors is a nice color and also looks good in winters and if you like this then make your long coat in this color and wear it with a grey scarf and a brown pant to look graceful.

Your dressing should be well in the heat to stay comfortable. Shorts are comfortable and breathable alternative to trousers and pants and sleeveless and half sleeves shirts and shorts are the items of summers. Some men like to wear polo shirts in summers and some like cotton shirts in proper fitting not too tight and not too baggy.

As shown in the picture a man wearing a short sleeve button up shirt that is stitched in the stuff of cotton in a beautiful check design with shorts stitched in the stuff of linen is looking good and this shirt can be worn with a short of jeans. So you can get the idea from the picture for your dressing in summers.

Majority of men belong to middle class and cannot afford the luxurious clothes of designers. If you are a middle class man cannot afford the branded clothes and also want to look stylish in summers and winters then try to make your dresses by following the above pictures.

Men’s Fashion Guide for winter and summer  (1) Men’s Fashion Guide for winter and summer  (1) Men’s Fashion Guide for winter and summer  (2) Men’s Fashion Guide for winter and summer  (3) Men’s Fashion Guide for winter and summer  (4)

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