Quite Strawberries Nail Art On Your Figures

| October 4, 2014

The trend of nail art

Nail polish or nail paint is trendiest item in this running fashion world that never goes out from fashion instead of always come with latest and unique styles. With the alternative trends, fashion styles also changed with passing time. The trend to apply nail polish or nail paint now completely changed from old vintage trend to contemporary styles.

In this current time, girls are not use exclusive colors of nail polish like red, pink and brown rather that they make their nails attractive and stunning with unbelievable nail art with vibrant bright colors from salon or in homes. Now a day, girls are crazy to design extremely chic nail art with differential way.
Today, I am going to allocate quite and simple strawberry nail art with our fruity theme. This is pretty and easy way to make your nails cuteness with strawberry fashion style. Let see blossom of these cute strawberry nails and try to apply red strawberry art paint on your fingers for following the contemporary trend.

Unique strawberry nails art

1 cool  strawberries nail art

Waoo, these are most beautiful and magnetism nails that are beautify with strawberry mode. Red strawberry nails with green cuticle leaves and white dots looks dreamy and delightfulness. Apply these nail art pattern for making your hands elegant and fantasy.

latest strawberry nails with dots

2 strawberries nail art 2014

This is one of the best and cute ways to apply real strawberry nail art on your nails to make your hand elegant and stunning. In this picture you are seeing five steps to create strawberry art on your nails.
Firstly Apply base polish colors in red strawberry color and then thick it. After this take a stick with pointed end and create dots on your nail with few gaps then apply green color for the complete strawberry look.

Pink & red strawberry nails with black dots

3 latest strawberries nail art

Girls look at this nice nails style. You will certainly wonder to see this unique and ingenious nail art. This is simple and lovely way to make your nails fruity and sweet. Black dots on red and pink nail polish look prominent and that make your hand stunning and graceful.

White nails with strawberries

4 white and red strawberries nail art

Nails are also beautifying with nail current stickers. In this contemporary era, now nails’ stickers are also introduced in market by awesome and imaginative prints to make your nails immediately decorative according your choice. Glitter your celebrity with chic nail art that is passionate to add gorgeous factor in your manifestation.

Here you are seeing inspiring and dazzling strawberry nail arts that are famous trend among the contemporary girls’ generation. These strawberry nails are adorned with simplest way that makes you hand fantastic and alluring.  Further exclusive and stunning strawberry nails are also included in this gallery images. Have a great glance on appreciated and fabulous strawberry nails’ anthology.

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