Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

| May 16, 2016

How to store my shoes in small space

0. shoe storage ideas for small spaces

Shoes is such accessory which you wear after the dress and the collection of shoes is much more  in your wardrobe and so many   shoes  demand much space but problem is that the houses f us are not  so much big but the things which we keep in the houses are   very much .people want to keep their thing in such  a way where it will remain save and on the time we will get easily . when you go  for buying shoes then you  have spent too much time on the shopping of shoes and the  price of shoes is really very high so  when you use these shoes then it is your duty that you  save these   shoes as  such place  where the air  passes and keep away your shoes from the dump places .there are many easy way where you can keep your shoes safe because there so many shoes are such which are so much expensive but you use it  very few time in a year  but you like and love that shoes so stay with us and see the easy  way to keep  them save.

Tips to save the shoes:

0+ shoe storage ideas for small spaces

1.    In your dressing room  make 5 to 6 shelves   in the corner and back to the door  and make a shelf for bags the place where you are ready  for going any place where keep your shoes and the bags whenever you outside then wear shoes from that room and hold a bag and after full preparation  go outside. Make a big and wide shelf at the upper side and make shelfas for the shoes and now keep your daily usage shoes on the top shelf and other on the bottom.
1. shoe storage ideas for small spaces

2.    Now a day the trend of wood stairs is much more because it look so nice and decent for the houses  so if you have such stairs which have wooden case then make two boxes which are in the form of cabinet then  open these cabinet  and keep your shoes in it and you have no need to open it then make  stairs it is two in one  a stair and other is shoe cabinet.
2. shoe storage ideas for small spaces

3.    In a room where you keep your all things like dresses, bags and other grooming accessory where make a shoe rack it need   some money but it will be safe rack and it  never be break   wooden  rack is very cheap and remain forever in your room and not want more space  so in the store make shoes rack and keep your all inn season and out shoes  in it.
3. shoe storage ideas for small spaces

4.    Now a days the frame of the stairs are very new means you can make a whole  wardrobe under the stairs  because it demands short places and hide your all things in it  make cabinet under the whole roof of the stairs  see in the picture then you will know that how much it is useful and easy way to  store shoes I the short space.
4. shoe storage ideas for small spaces

5.    The rack of the shoes are available in so many kind plastic, steel,  wooden, glass and much more type of shoe racks but the wooden fix racks looks good  and you have no need to adjust it here and there  make some shorts and big boxes where 7you can keep your all collection of shoes in the big boxes keep your shoes ,jogger,snikers and the slippers and in the other boxes keep your casual shoes and in another box keep your formal shoes it is in the side of your bed.
5. shoe storage ideas for small spaces 5+ shoe storage ideas for small spaces

6.    There are so many ways which is used to keep your shoes store like this this is a decoration stand and it can be used for two purpose one is to décor the rooms and secondly your shoe rack because when you have to need your shoes then draw the cabinet and pull out your shoes   and after pull out the shoes close it then it will become a decoration rack.
6. shoe storage ideas for small spaces

6+shoe storage ideas for small spaces

7.    In the cabinet there is a stand which is made for the coats if you wear coat then hang your coat on it otherwise you can use it for hanging your shoes as such take hanger and hang your shoes on the hanger   and hang your shoes at the place of coat it is very easy to get shoes because it remain in front of your eyes.
7. shoe storage ideas for small spaces

 Bonus tip:

there are such ways you can keep your shoes store and will be able to get at the time you have need.  I hope you will like this article because there is very easy and good way of shoes storing all things are using in two ways first is decoration and secondly cabinet etc.


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