Smokey Eye Makeup for Bridals

| March 2, 2015

Every bridal wants to look pretty on her wedding day. The shopping, dressing, venue and makeup, everything is very special on this occasion. Every guest eye catches to see the view of the bridal. The bridal wants to awesome get up on this day. The dress, shoe, jewelry and the makeup gives a stunning look to bridal. Here we discuss the bridal eye makeup in Smokey shades on her wedding day. Smokey eye makeup is a modern eye makeup.

Some bridal doesn’t want the Smokey eye makeup on her wedding day. Here we have the collection of the Smokey eye make up for the bridal in different shapes and shades. You just have the mate eye shadow and apply this shade on eye and blend it on the eye socket very smoothly.

The congealer also apply on the under eye to conceal the dark lines. For bridal on her wedding day, there are different shades in eye shadow can be used like the red, silver, pink, copper, green and some other also with the black edges. The liner, kajal and mascara are must use in eye makeup. The lashes can be also use according to the will of the bridal.

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