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| April 27, 2016

In this stylish and modern world of 21st century it is necessary to maintain your look and appearance in fascinating and Impressive way. And one thing which should be kept in mind that outfits matters a lot in setting your personality image but these are not everything in your appearance many accessories matters a lot like shoes, jewellery, hairs and sunglasses. Yes of coarse sunglasses are also the matter of look. People in summer season often use sunglasses it’s not only the need while going outside it is also a fashion symbol and icon. Sunglasses which suits may enhance your charm and classy personality but if they doesn’t suits you then surely they destroy your image and even make your look disaster, outdated and unfashionable.

So here today we are going to give you some instructions while choosing right, perfect and suitable sunglasses according to your face shape. And we are also going to demonstrate you some pictures to illustrate you the right sunglasses for shape types. For choosing the right sunglasses you have to determine your face size and your face shape is also the crucial one to be noted so that you can find better fitting sunglasses. Like oval face is an owsum and amazing face shape that every glasses looks amazing on oval shape face. These are gently rounded and look prettier so sunglasses with from eye brows to cheek bones are perfect for them. Round face are beautiful, innocent and they have noticeable features thin sunglasses are perfect for them. Square faces are equal in length and equal in width. People having such face should prefer the round and oval shape sunglasses. Heart shape faces are also attractive and ca5t eye sunglasses are best suitable for them.

Cat Eye Sunglasses with Golden Frame:


Cat Eye Sunglasses for Heart Face:


Amazing Sunglasses for Square Face:


Really Owsum Big Frame Sunglasses:


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