Stylish Knit Scarf For Men

| May 23, 2014

Now a day, the scarves fashion is common in the whole world. The scarf has an origin more than 700 years. In the seventeenth century, the scarf was part of a high fashion. This fashion introduced Napoleon when Napoleon gave a scarf as a gift to the Empress Josephine. .

In Europe and England scarves are used for men and women but in Pakistan only men use it. The scarf is garment that kept around the neck. We can wear it with different ways. Scarves are made with polyester, wool, acrylic etc. Some special scarves are knitted with two needles.

You can that there are a variety of colors. Scarves are made in single color or combined two or more colors. The most appropriate colors for men scarves are brown, black, grey or dark blue. A man’s scarf design is not flashier. Scarves are in different styles like that lines, square, triangle, diamond and circles. These scarves are not in the same size.

You can use scarves with hat and gloves of same material. Then, this set of 3 pieces gives you a final touch but it is not a problem. It depends on your choice. In winter season, these scarves safe you from cold and keep them warm.

black color knit scarf for men

brown color knit scarf for men

green color knit scarf collection

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