Top 10 Tips of Weight Loss

| July 18, 2014

Weight Loss:

Mostly, it is observed that every woman is betrothed in obesity problem. She wants to get rid from this fatness because an overweight figure always looks very gauche. We all are aware from the fact that exercise, walking, running & eating a balanced diet can helps you a lot in order to reduce your weight. But it is not a very easy task, an effort is required plus maintaining a healthy figure is also very tough. But if you follow some easy rules & regulations then I think you can do it very well. Now I am going to share some more precise & beneficial tips which helps you a lot in your effort of losing weight.

Eating Slowly & Chew Food Properly:

1 10 tips of weight loss

An easy & simple tip for losing weight is to eat your food slowly. It is observed through a research when people eat slowly & chew food properly then the Digestion food process become very easier.  The research also proved that this formula also in losing about two pounds weight only in two months period of time.

Small size Platter:

2 small platter

Whenever you feel hungry & takeout food into a platter for eating then keep another rule in your mind that is the usage of small size platter because it is impossible to eat more & gain weight with small platter. So make it your habit. If your obesity is due to eating habit then this tip will help you a lot.

Daily Exercises:

3 planks & pushes 4 squats

If obesity or fatness is due to the physical inactivity then we can say that you need daily exercise because lack of proper exercise leads towards this horrible problem. The walking, climbing stairs, running, Morning walks, joggings, golfing, Jumping rope, kettlebell, planks and pushups, squats (for reducing hip obesity) etc are best exercise. All are very easy & you can do at home.

Daily Breakfast Plan:

5 breakfast plan

Mostly ladies avoid the breakfast but this is not a very good habit because it can make you feel weakness during the whole day. So it is advisable for you that you must eat breakfast. You can add more fresh fruits & vegetables, bread, egg, beans, shakes, rice etc in your breakfast. When you work during the whole day then this heavy breakfast can support you more & provide you the required energy for doing your job. Try to take your breakfast with protein and fibers based items.

Advantages of Drinking Water:

6 Drink water,

It increases your energy lever plus reduces your fatigueness. If we talk about how water reduces weight then it is notable that when you drink water then it fills your tummy & reduces your intake of other food items. It helps in removing fats plus it has zero calories. It also helps in digestion process.

Stop Mindless Eating:

7 pay attention on eating Men lounge on sofa watching TV

In this age of hurry, mostly it is observed that, people like to eat when they are watching TV or working on Computer but I think they are not aware from the fact that in this way they are never paying attention on eating & consequently they eat more than required. So I suggest you to avoid this habit (avoid mindless eating) & never look towards TV Screen or Computer during your breakfast, dinners & lunch. Turn off your TV & Computer when you are eating food. It will help you to pay attention on your meal & you eat only as much as required by your body. No over eating no overweight!

Usage of Watery Fruits or Vegetables:

9 cumcumber 10 watermelon

When you want to reduce your weight then it is preferable to you to use the natural & watery fruits & vegetables such as cucumbers and watermelon—because all these not only helps you to satisfy your hunger but also contains on fewer calories. A research also shows that watermelon is very beneficial for reducing weight or solving obesity problem. You can use this fruit in a number of different ways such as you can make juice of watermelon or you can simply eat some slices of watermelon.

Stop emotional Eating Habit:

sad woman eating snacks at home

There are some people who start to eat more when they are upset or facing a problem. So dear now it’s the time to say good bye to this habit, if you want to prevent the overweight or obesity problem then stop your emotional eating habit.

Check Your Weight:

12 check weight daily

Try to use a weight machine for examining whether your weight is increasing or decreasing. It will help you to make your weight loss process more precise.

Stop Eating before you are Full:

13 Stop eating before you are full,

You can eat each & every think such as Fruits such as strawberries, apples, oranges, berries, plums and green veggie similarly beans such as lentils, split peas, pinto beans & Grains such as cereal, oatmeal, rice, wheat pasta multigrain bread but try to avoid sweet, deserts or those food items which contains on too much fats & calories. But the thumb of rule is that you should stop eating before you are full. Don’t eat fill your tummy to mouth because it can leads towards many problems.

In simple words I only want to say that Loss weight is a process of reducing fatness & heaviness from your body not you money, friends, lifestyle, health etc. so be careful during this process. Don’t adopt irritating behavior when talking with your friends.  Try to map out your meal I mean prepare a chart of healthy diet plan. This diet plan not only saves your time but also saves your money plus helps you in reducing your overweight.

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