Trendy Fruit Nail Art Ideas For Summer

| October 1, 2017

Nail art is considered as most adopted fashion trend and it remain on hype since it was introduced. We have already discussed out various nail art ideas for ladies but this time e have drafted perfect for summer fruit inspired colorful nail art designs. You can see passion of colorful fruits on your nails.

Visual aids:
Pink lime nails art idea:

1 fruit nail art (1)

Yellow and pink is beautiful combination. How about mixing shade of strawberry milkshake along with some bright yellow lime?

Gracious banana nail art idea for summer:

2 fruit nail art (2)

This nail art is easy and appealing as well. you don’t have to get focused on every single nail. Just elect middle two finger of hand and draw banana on it.

Cute peach nail art ideas:

3 fruit nail art (3)

This segment is all about peach. You can see out that small peaches with some leaves are drawn on white nail base.

Fresh kiwi nail art idea:

4 fruit nail art (4)

This nail art give out fresh kiwi 3d effect on middle fingers of both of hands. Other nails remain white.

Easy strawberries nail art ideas for girls:

5 fruit nail art (5)

Well this nail art looks beautiful as well as easy. There is no such tricky design to accomplish this beautiful fruity look on hands.

Creative pineapple nail art ideas:

6 fruit nail art (6)

Just love this one. simple pineapple design on white nail base and rest of fingers are decorated with blue and white stripes all over the nail.Here are some other fruits inspired summer nail art ideas for you guys. Just take a look at them.

3d effect banana nail art idea for summer:

7 fruit nail art (7)

Citrus orange nail art ideas:

8 fruit nail art (8)

Watermelon inspired nail art ideas:

9 fruit nail art (9)

Mango inspired nail art ideas for girls:

10 fruit nail art (10)

Simple pineapple nail art:

fruit nail art (11)

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