Ways to Tie The Turban

| November 11, 2016

There are many ways to carry the  Hijab  and staler  because  it give you a  nice look .the trend of abaya is increasing day by day the  ladies are carrying abaya for the  purpose of body hiding b and it is the part of fashion now  because in the abaya you hide your  body from the unknown  person  and in the abaya you have more advantageous in the abaya you can go outside whether you have to wear old and dirty clothes .it is not used in the eastern countries rather the western countries girls  are also adopting this style of abaya and Hijab and now the designers are also introduced their latest collection of abaya for the  ladies and the very famous designer Dolce and Gabbana has also introduced  his collection of abaya .

The trendy abayas with colorful scarf’s are very common among the girls and the style of scarf’s are so much specially the turban style is very common among the girls because it give them nice and trendy look it is best for every girl . the girls who like to cover their heads with the help of cap ,hat ,beanies and the head piece they can easily go with the turban style because it give you modern and trendy look. Here I like to tell you the way that in which you can tie a turban it is very easy and who has short hair they can make this style.

This turban style can be made with the staler and if you have some scarf then it is very easy. First keep the scarf in front of your head and pull down and hold it firmly from the both sided and hold the both ends of the scarf and tie a knot start twisting it when you do it twist at the edge of the scarf now it’s time to make the bun on your upper  means center of your head  when you do it wrap and wrap in the shape of top bun then use a pin to cover it and the last piece of the scarf hide under the  turban now it is a big bun on your head which giving  you a turban look. There are many ways to tie the turban some cover their full head some keep only in the center  the girls who have short and sleek  hair they can cover their full head with the turban for the great look.

The scarves are in so many styles and colors are available in the market you can go with any style and color .the street style girls mostly adopt this style and those girls who like to go with funky look. For the chic and great look you can carry sunglasses and the high heel shoes with turban .with any dress you can carry in the form of dotted, plain ,printed floral ,velvet ,georgette ,chiffon  and many other.

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