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| February 6, 2016

Shoes are important accessories for everyone it is after the dress; the selection of dresses is not    an easy task we need much time to select the dress. While shoes have also needed the time but    we often forget the quality or comfy of a shoes and only like the shoe style and color and buy it. My dears keep in mind your shoes tell us that what kind of personality is you because everyone mostly look your dress but a wise man must look your footwear .And on the other hand shoes can change your postures and walking style and become the cause of many nervous problem as just like ankle problem, backbone pain, swelling in your feet and backbone. Therefore it is good for you that you should measure your feet on daily basis and mostly shoes buy at evening time. Remember! The shoes of evening purchase never hurt your feet. Mostly working people shopping in evening time and this is fact that our both foots are not same I know! Now you are observing your feet? But by outlook they are same but in size and volume they are different to each other. Select shoes shaped according to your foot .There are much kind of ladies shoes in white and black collection and ideas that where we wear these shoes.

Party and wedding foot wear in black and white:

Parties and functions are an integral part of our life and we ourselves want to enjoy these happiness. And when someone wants to make a program to attend a function he immediately thinks about his dress specially girls. Firstly selection of dress and then shoes come the black and white color is in trend as you know very well black and white color remain ever green. If you carry a maxi and a black gown type dress then white sandal embroider with black stones gives you a hot look. If you like simple dress then you can easily put on platform heels, cork high heels and your toe is color with red paint gives a chic look.

Shoes in black and white Printed:

White and black printed shoes are common among the girls but as just like zebra if you want to give another touch then brown and black in tiger print. It is in different heels as like high heels but if you want to normal heel then cut out heel is best you can put on with any casual dress as just like trouser and long shirt ,pent shirt and with any dress which do you like to wear as a casually.

Simple white shoes:

White color has its own characteristics it is a sufficient and delicate color .The girls who are sophisticated in their dressing the selection of simple white shoes is perfect. She can put on these shoes in college, parks, seminar shopping and many other events .It suits with skirt, pent shirt, plazzo and shirt .If you carry red long coat with blue jeans then you can wear white shoes it gives you a trendy and great look.

Black sandal in different style:

Wedge style is common in this year it is available in two form wedge sandal and wedge heel it is attached with the sole and its look something like wooden made. There are many shades in this style .Its two styles are your facility because wedge heel is for wedding ceremonies and parties and wedge sandal is for daily routine. It is very comfort and stylish. But white and black combination has its own grace.

 Ankle strap heel in white and black:

White and black is in fashion in this year because these colors are very elegant and mostly people prefer these colors for their grooming .You can put on this ankle strap sandals with saris fancy dresses, long coat with jeans, and maxi. Mostly celebrities like this type of shoes for ramp walk and they rule over their fans heart in their dressing. It is not compulsory that you can only wear white and black sandal you can put on different shades according to the trend. But white and black is in trend and giving marvelous look.

Trendy sandals of this year:

With the changing of time everything become change and man wants to change in his life. Such as the style of dress and shoes changes according to the time. This is fantasy heel sandal but not yet famous among the girls and we are not sure who first time who introduced it .Design is on the heel and upper area. This heel is available in many shapes and colors. You can put on in any party, Eid, club, and outdoor functions.

Wedge corset shoes:

Wedge corset shoes are very cozy and attractive, you can wear this foot wear in this winter it will give you modern western look and you feel your selves content and comfy. It is in different style laces simple straps, velvet, coarse fabric and leather. It gives you a sexy look and this is mostly wear on jeans, skirt, and tights. And you can easily receive admiration from your relatives.

In the last I want to tell you that these shoes are very chic and outstanding and available in all color and style but  it is up to you that what kind of style and color do you like most. The black and white combination can’t be old you can wear these color in any functions with any color of outfit .I hope you will like my views.

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