Different Stripe Shoes for Women in Multi Shaded

| December 16, 2016

The women when they buy the dresses for themselves they think about their shoes that in which color and style  they should carry because shoes are the main part of your dressing and when a person observe you he notice you  from head to toe because your  dressing  make your personality good so when your are selecting the  shoes that should be decent not  so colorful if you want to carry  colorful shoes you should first see your  foot complexion because mostly women  don’t care their feet and their complexion become dull than their faces  and no shoes look good in their feet  so if you want to  carry colorful shoes then  striped shoes are best it can be carry with every color dress .now the winter season is here and the striped shoes can easily carry in this season it is in the  pumps, sneakers ,wedges, chunky heel ,coat shoes ,sneakers, loafers etc are common  among the girls  so you can carry these shoes in winter with your any style dress  so if you want to go with these shoes then stay with us and see the collection of these shoes.

Flat round shaped:


The girls who want to carry striped multi shaded shoes they can carry it because it is very easy to walk all ages girls carry it with their pants, skirts, casual dresses because it is very simple and best for the spring season due to multi shaded and spring is full of multi colors  you can carry it at any time  whether it is day or night. It is also in the winter shaded means navy blue with soft color it is for the senior ladies who want to carry pumps in the winter.

Smoking slippers:


The winter season is going on and the people want t save them from the cold wind of it so in the winter you can go with the decent and comfy slippers whether you are going out or at home because it is very good for your sip le and semi formal dresses very decent colors ate added in these shoes the girls can carry it with boy friend jeans, crop pent and the skirt.

Stripy sneakers:


Sneakers is the favorite shoes of the young girls because it is very soft and cozy you can carry it in the winter, summer in any season because  it look so attractive so if you are a boho girl then carry this shoes with ripped jeans and the top  if you are going on the tour or have  a mind to go on trip then carry it  in the winter wear these shoes with  socks and in summer simple is good for you. Sneakers is also for the sporty girls and want to look like players because they have to running and walking  so for them this shoes is comfy and easy.

Wedge heel sandal:


Striped wedges heel  is looking nice  very nice shades and the strap in the back of the wedges  transparent with the stud on the sandal is looking gorgeous you can carry it with your mini skirt  shorts and the boyfriend jeans with this  shoes you can go in the formal  events,  semi formal on the shopping and many other places where you want to go in your routine life wedge heel never  harmful for your feet because it is  bed sole  and keep your feet in balance.

Pointed pumps:


The stylish ladies who are going  on the ceremony or  on the date ,candle light dinner  or any birthday party then you can carry this wavy style pointed pumps  with your cigarette  pant, tights and the skinny  it is also good with your mini skirt because it is very nice so colorful in the  winter season you can easily carry it with your any style dress  on the simple black different color waves are made .

Chunky heel sandal:


In the stripped shoes not only pumps and the  close  shoes are carried by the ladies rather you can go with the  chunky heel sandal in the different colors because some have dark color combination and in some light  colors are used you can carry it according to the weather and the occasion. sparkling gold color heel and the sole of the  sandal and the  three nice and decent shaded with the twinkling stars are giving your sandal a fabulous look if you want to carry this style on the beach and sea side with your rough jeans and the shorts then select the light color like earthy tone.

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