Flat Summer Shoes With Ankle Straps

| April 18, 2017

Flat shoes will make your feet easy while walking and moving here and there. Ankle strap flat shoes consist of two straps one around the ankle and second above the feet. This designing of feet décor your feet and in different styles and designs these sandals can give you style statement look.

In summer you must clean your feet again and again and this is must because these style sandals will more expose your feet than the other sandals. So must make your feet neat and clean and here we have enlisted summer flat shoes to wear on different occasions:

Casual summer flat shoes:

1. ankle strap summer flat shoes (11)

This sandal is to wear on casual occasions and these will look suitable with most of the outfits. With most of the dresses as one piece suit, frocks, maxi dresses you can opt for these sandals and this brown color will go with many of the colors. Have style-statement look in these brown color ankle strap flat summer shoes. These will make the possibility of perspiration less.

Summer flat shoes for beach party:

2. ankle strap summer flat shoes (9)

These are the sandals to wear on beach party in summer or if you have to attend summer eve party function, you can opt for these sandals with lemon style on it and ankle strap flat shoes will give you very cool look flattering your own individuality. With denim shorts and white color top you can pair these sandals and will have very eye-catching and lovely look.

Metallic ankle flat summer shoes:

3. ankle strap summer flat shoes (7)

These shoes will give awe-inspiring and attention-grabbing look to not only your feet but also your overall demeanor. Black, red, burgundy or copper color outfits will look fabulous with these sandals. With painting your nails with color match with the color of the outfit you can give compliment to your sandals and dress. These sandals will give glamorous look to you making you feet glow and shine.

Black ankle strap sandals:

4. ankle strap summer flat shoes (14)

These sandals are closed from toes and these will give very sexy look to your feet. With the dress of knee-length opt for these sandals and these will give very stylish and chic look to your feet. Black color can be worn on casual or formal function and these simple looking black ankle strap summer flats will look amazing on casual events or on get together function.

Flat strappy sandals:

5. ankle strap summer flat shoes (8)

These flat strappy sandals are good to wear for professional ladies and these will give look very decent and nice on ladies of serious nature. Brown color sandals can be worn with many of the colors of the outfits. Even your street style dresses will look amazing with these sandals.


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