How To Wear Golden Shoes With White Dresses

| December 26, 2016

After the selection of the dress you next step into the shop of shoes to select such pair that might suit your dress. But you need to be careful in your selection because where the right shoes can increase your beauty and charm there the wrong ones can diminish all your grace. It is not compulsory to wear same color shoes with the color of the dress.

But you can select a different color but the one that can give your dress complement. With the right selection of shoes and dress you will enjoy a nice-looking and eye-catching appearance in gathering. If we talk about golden color shoes then we can see golden color shoes give complement to different colorful dresses and make the whole demeanor more stunning with different designs of heels and styles.

Cage sandals in high heels;


Golden sandals with silver grey color outfit can make the dress and your appearance classy, chic and stunning. Short in silver grey color with belted waist will make you stand out and golden cage sandals in high heels will make you stand out. These cage shoes are wearable with most of the modish dresses as in maxi dresses, slit side gown and short skirt. Red nail paint with these golden cage sandals will look dazzling paired with grey outfit.

Golden wedges with corn dress;


Going to attend a party when you want to make your own style statement you must desire to wear a dress that is simple and the addition of accessories make that dress look more stunning and dazzling. Corn dress makes you look style-statement and in white color it looks very peaceful and glorious. Adorn your dress with the addition of accessories like earrings, bracelets and suitable sandals. Wearing white colored corn dresses consider golden color jewelry and ankle strap wedges to make your appearance full of charm.

Golden oxford shoes;


Wear these golden oxford shoes with short skirt with half blouse and coat. These shoes ill not only look beautiful but these will keep your feet relax and comfortable. When you have to move around a lot then avoid a sandal heel shoes and opt for these shoes will be like beach for your shoes making your walk easy and comfy. Not only because of easiness but the look that these shoes can lend will also give you an outstanding look. These shoes will definitely add more glamour to your look.

Golden gladiators with tunic dress;

Gladiators are best option for you when you are wearing short skirt, one piece dress or short skirt. Tunic dress will make your appearance gorgeous and couple with golden the dress is looking more attention-grabbing. Wearing this white tunic and golden gladiator red lipstick and nail paint will increase your elegance any where you go. For street style look this attire is also a nice option for you.

Short frock with metallic golden shoes;


These metallic shoes are looking fantastic with white color short frock. Laced bodice of the frock paired with golden metallic shoes is looking very nice to wear and this is looking outstanding street style look. Wearing sunglasses and holding a bag you can go for a shop in grocery store. Other options to wear these sandals are crop jeans and cigarette pants coupled with top.

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