Make Your Ugly Sneakers New One After One Wash

| February 15, 2017

Not only the face and clothes but how you take care of your shoes also count a lot. You must look neat and clean from head to toe so the shoes also hold importance in your overall appearance. Not all time you can wear new shoes that would shine for you but you can make your shoes just like new again with the perfect way of washing.

You cannot go with simple method of washing but must know the principles to wash shoes maintaining their classy look and shape. The most difficult thing is to wash sneakers and boots and they definitely demand time from you. And you must be upset with the thought that your washing the shoes may not damage the shape and grace of the shoes.

You can make your ugly looking shoes like new one following some rules and principles. Some tips for washing shoes correctly are here for you:

•    Wash shoes, laces and insoles separately
•    You can wash you laces in washing machine but to make them clean perfectly you can scrub them with soapy brush.
•    A soapy mixture of liquid detergent can be used to wash the insoles with the help of soapy brush.
•    Using a sponge you can soak up excess of water and let them dry in open air.
•    If you feel any kind of stink in your insoles then enclose the insoles in a bag pouring baking soda and leave the bag for overnight.
•    If it does not work and there is still smell then let them soak in a mixture of water and vinegar for few hours. Then make ready mixture of warm water, baking soda and essential oil that can be pine oil etc and soak the shoes in it.
•    With the help of dry tooth brush remove all kinds of dust and mud from the surface of the shoes.
•    Use a pillow case and put your shoes in it enclosing the pillow case with three or four pins at interval distance. This will make water go and come out from the pillow case while you will put them in washing machine.
•    If not a pillow case then the other option is to use a mesh bag.
•    Liquid detergent is preferable on the powder detergent. Add vinegar to remove any kind of odor from the shoes. You can also add pine oil to make the shoes disinfect.
•    Delicate setting of machine is must because fast setting can damage your shoes.
•    Then remove the shoes from pillow case when the machine comes to stop. Let you shoes dry in open air not in the dryer.
•    To make them dry soon you can stuff shoes with newspaper and not put your shoes in a place that is hot or have indirect sunlight.
•    It may take two days to dry so you should wash your shoes with a plan to have them at the time when they are needed.
•    Be sure about the material of the shoes that you going to wash. Anything done wrong can spoil the look of your shoes.
•    If you are time constrained then you can try the simple way of throwing shows in zip-lock bag and put that in freezer overnight. The cold temperature will kill most of the odor causing bacteria.

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