Amazing ways to Straighten your Curly Hairs at Home

| March 24, 2016

Permanent ways of straightening curly hairs

Straight hairs are always the demand of the women as they look more sleek and shiny as compared to curly hairs. Nature has created every person with unique abilities and characteristics which also involve straightening and curing of hairs. I mean o have curly hairs and at the same my sister got naturally straight hairs. What if I also want by hairs to be straightened enough so that I can also play with my bouncy hairs and I want that stuff to be happened on permanent basis? I will definitely go to salon for proper hair management. But one thing more can be possible is that you can do it at your home instead of wasting money on heavy salons as well.

Our current post will be about straightening of the hairs, curly in nature on temporary basis as well and we going to discuss that out insteps that how it can be created at home and you don’t even have to go to salons and pay for your desire. Just take a wide look toward our steps and you will probably find out the solution of your curly problem as well.

Steps for going to permanent straightening of hairs at home

We are going to discuss out major steps that will surely help you out in straightening of the curly hairs on permanent basis as well. Just take a review.

Step 1 pick the perfect hair relaxer


Step 2: wear protective gear for hands:


Step 3: mix the product evenly:

Step 4: just take a strand test before applying it to whole hair:

4 Hair-Dye-On-Brush 4 SAM_1179

Step 5: set the timer:

5 SleepTimer4

Step 6: apply relaxer in ¼ sections as well:

6 731

Step 7: smooth out the hairs with comb:

7 gTx9hetmJFVSmooth-out-with-a-wide-tooth-comb

Step 8: take the shower

8 tamgoi-500

Step 9: Apply conditioner

9 conditioner-hair-dry-400x400

Step 10: go with your normal hairstyle:



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