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| May 29, 2014

About Emma Watson:

Her full name is Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson, but she is mostly famous by the name of Emma Watson. Her date of birth is 15th April, 1990. The place of birth is Paris, France. She got popularity due to her appreciable performance into the “Harry Porter Film Series”.

Emma Watson Hairstyles:

She has lots of fans in all over the world. All of her fans want to know about her style of dressing as well as about her hairstyles so that, they can adopt these styles. So, here on this page you can explore the Emma Watson Hairstyles pictures. Hope strongly that you will like this collection!

Emma Watson Side Fringe Hairstyle:

In the very first picture you can see this awesome Hollywood Actress in medium size hair with side fringe hairstyle. This hairstyle suits her very much. That’s why she most commonly adopts this hairstyle.

Emma Watson Pixie Hairstyle:

In the next picture you can see her into Pixie hairstyle. Pixie is usually a haircut which is very short. Hair cut short from the back of head & from the both sides of head but slight long from the top of head. In the mid of twentieth century this hairstyle was quite popular but now in this 21st century it is again in fashion.

Emma Watson Braided Updo:

In some pictures you can see this beautiful & gorgeous actress into braided bun hairstyle this hairstyle is usually adopted on some formal events.

Emma Watson Short Hairstyles:

Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson hardly found into long hairstyle instead of it she is seen mostly into short hairstyles. So, have a look at her various short hairstyles which are shown into the following picture gallery!

1 collection of Emma Watson Hairstyles

2 short Emma Watson Hairstyles collection

3 nice Emma Watson Hairstyles

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