Different hairstyle according to your face shapes

| August 17, 2016

Hairstyle is compulsory for maintaining your look because hairstyle can change your over all look and now a days so many hairstyles are famous among the girl which can give you an outstanding look  the hairstyle if it change our look then it is our responsibility to maintain our hair in a good way the  hair designer introduce their  new  hairstyles for the customers and the  girls hairdresser  is  very tricky they  know what the girl want  in their grooming they select such hair styles which can give them good look in the haircut also. Like the styles of the hair there are many girls who have different face shape  and according to this face shape we have  to cut our hair .

we feel  all the face are equal and same but when we  observe the other then we come to know that  oval , square ,rectangular, round  ,heart and the  long face all are found in our society so we should do  cutting my hair  because it is becoming rough from the bottom  and when you are going to cut your hair then you should must take suggestions to your  hair designer  not do  wrong  thing because  if you go opposite to your face you look so ridiculous so for the best hairstyles according to your face shape you can   read this post carefully.

Square face shape:

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If you have square face shape then you can go with the long bob hairstyle the square face has the angular jaws you can go with the bob and the layered both the forehead is broad and wide short curly wavy hairstyle is nice for your face choppy layered and the spiky ends curly bangs are nice choice for you should avoid from the bangs because your face is in the box shape if you cut your hair in bangs swept and blunt cut because it can show your more square.

Heart shape face:

2. basis hairstyles for your face cut

Heart shape is something different from the others because the forehead is very broad and the chin is long and pointed some girls think their face is good but the chin has spoiled their all beauty but no it look so nice when they cut their hair in right shape they should avoid from the cut bangs and fringes with side swept is best because their forehead is prominent they should highlight their cheeks bones. Not go with the too much short hair because it can show your face very long and pointed. Heart shaped and the diamond shaped something   resemble.

Round shaped:

3. basis hairstyles for your face cut

Round shape face is something tough to handle it because their face shape is circular and the circle is same from the every corner so keep your hair long side bangs and don’t cut your hair in short form rather keep it your shoulder length and mid back wavy and curly hairstyle can be attractive for them round shaped face can   highlight their chin and the cheeks bones for the round shaped face I have a graduated haircut that you should adopt for the functions and the other events.

Rectangular  shaped:

4. basis hairstyles for your face cut

A rectangular face is something like the oblong and the long face the strong jaw lines but the rectangular face has the square jaw lines you can cur your hair for the rectangular face the   high volume is nice and you can cut your hair in choppy   layered and the pixie is also nice but you can go with the spiky hairstyle because your forehead is in shape side swept layered and the u shaped cutting id nice style for the rectangular face shaped.

Oval shaped:

5. basis hairstyles for your face cut

Oval shaped people are not common in the societies but  the people who have oval shape face they are very lucky because every style is good for their face they can adopt every hair style  you can make ponytail and leave your hair open you have many options to pick any style and the hair designers have introduced many styles for them  short bangs , side swept bangs ,curly ends ,  graduated cut ,blunt  cut and the angular all haircut are nice to adopt.

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