Different Hairstyles in Accordance to Your Face Structure

| November 9, 2016

Women should have the awareness what suit them most either it is wearing outfits or adopting hairstyles. Hairstyle has the power to change your personality and look all over. While selecting a hairstyle for you, you need to be very conscious. When you go to a salon for hair cut give some time to discuss with your hairstylist which hairstyle will be suitable for your face structure.

Keep in mind that your hair style should be also according to your personality. IF you are of somewhat funky kind of woman you cannot adopt a decent hairstyle that will make you disturb too, to look like what you are not in actual. Sometimes looking at someone’s nice-looking hairstyle we get impress so much that we also desire to have that hairstyle but what suits other will not necessarily suit you too. First recognize your face structure how it looks like.
•    A face with wide forehead, prominent cheekbones and structure that shrink toward chin with grace is called oval shape.
•    If you have elongated features that taper toward chin gracefully then it is called long shape.
•    Round shape face is that having equal length and width
•    A square face has same forehead, cheekbones and jaw lines
•    A pointed chin with broad forehead is called heart shape face
•    A diamond face is not a common one. Angular and bony shape and widest at temples is its prominent features.

From the above categories you can see which structure is of your. Then you can select a hairstyle for you that will go with the face structure. Following are the hairstyles given that you can select in accordance to your face features.

Hairstyle for square face;


A square face can opt for bangs and in bangs you will have a variety to select. Full butt textured bangs, long side bangs, choppy bangs and choppy side bangs will suit you the most. But avoid to have rounded or short wide boxy bangs that will look absurd. Here some pictures are shown for square shape face and you can select any of the following. Graduated layers, asymmetrical layers and off-center part are some of the options for square face structure.

Hairstyle for oval shape face;


Long layered curls, boho waves, side sweep, grown out pixie and shaggy bob are the best hairstyles for women of oval shape. Pixie hairstyle can be opted by oval shaped face. You can also think about curved bangs that will shorten the length of your face. Shoulder length wavy layers will look awesome if you are going for some party then you can take this hairstyle and it will go with whatever your dressing is.

Hairstyle for round face;


Long choppy layers, side swept bangs, gentle waves and curled bob are some of the hairstyles for women. If you are a plus size woman then select long curls to draw on the sides of your face so that it might give your face an elongated effect. Pixie hair cut is very popular for round face and it really gives an attractive look. Medium hairstyle is a best option for girls with round face as it will cover the sides making the face look slimmer and narrow.

Hairstyle for diamond face;


Long side swept bangs, swept bangs and center parted bangs are some options for you if you longed for bangs. Heavy, rounded or short graphic bangs will not suit to your face structure. A pulled back pony tail will suit you a lot so you can take this hairstyle while going somewhere if it fulfills the demand of your outfit. Medium side parted tussled waves will also look nice on you if you have diamond face shaped.

Hairstyle for heart shape face;


A heart shaped face is the most ideal one. You can have half updo with flippy bangs, tousled waves, choppy bob, and different kinds of bun you can adopt as hairstyle. Most of the hairstyles suit to this face structure. If you want a bob style hairstyle then think about the face framing bob hairstyle.

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