Different Styles Of Messy Bun Hairstyle

| November 18, 2016

Buns are a classic and timeless hairstyle and messy buns are the newest take on an easy, laid back up-do. Messy bun e is simple and easy up-do hairstyle that you can do yourself at home easily. This hairstyle is appropriate for all occasions and events and offers all lengths of hair that is fast and easy to create. Messy bun is a favorite hairstyle of some of our red carpet icons and celebrities.

A messy bun up-do can be created quickly and easily within five minutes. You will need a rubber band or elastic ponytail to make a messy bun and make sure that you washed your hair before two bays because hair works better for a messy bun if it is two days after initial washing. Create a pony on the back side of the head or side of your head where you want and then wrap the rubber band around all the hair but not too tightly.

After that spin your pony in a single strip and then wrap it around the rubber band and stick the end back under the rubber band or when you are forming the initial ponytail, with the last wrap of rubber band, leave a large bouncy loop of hair. Pull this loop further through the rubber band to make the bun bigger and allow some of the strands to fall through for the ultimate messy look. For a lower bun, gather your hair closer to the nape of your neck. After making a messy bun or at the end, secure your hairstyle with a good hair spray.

Side bun is a very fancy option that is perfect for weddings, receptions, proms and other formal events. You will need to invest some time in effort in achieving this awesome side bun. First, comb your hair finely and then create two ponytails on the side of the head, one is on the top and other is on the bottom side of the head.

Make four sections of your topper pony tail and then twist each section in the inner side of the pony to create a bun and then pin it in with a hair pin, do this with all the four sections. Repeat the same action with the lower pony tail and in this way you will get a two parted bubble or flower bun. If you want to look more stylish and elegant then in the last decorate your bun with tiny fresh flowers and some fancy pins.

Twisted wrapped bun is an easy, quick and nice hairstyle; you can make it easily with the help of spin pins. Make a low ponytail on the back side of the head leaving some strands on the both sides of the head. Then create a low bun with your low ponytail and twist the leaving strands and pin them in the bun, do this with both sides’ strands.

Comb all the hair up into a high ponytail just behind the crown. Take your favorite elastic pony and pull the hair through it once, twist the elastic and spread all the hair forward towards the forehead and spread them into a donut shape around the elastic. Gently pull on the bun tighten the elastic band and increase the size of the bun. Pull some pieces loose from the donut to make it a bit messier and spritz it with some flexible hairspray and you are ready to attend any kind of event or party.

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