Easy Hair Extension Hair Tips

| July 25, 2014

Hair extensions:

Hair extensions are considered as artificial hair integrations made up of any individual`s hairs. These extensions are widely used to show off the volume regarding hairs. Yet it is also considered as safe way to protect out actual hairs from damage in several areas like African American communities.

Current presentation:

Our current presentation is concerned with discussion for maintaining hair extensions with accessible tips.

Easy hair extensions hair tips:

We are disclosing easy to go several steps to maintain your hair extensions in satisfied manner.
Choose out hair extension as matched with your hair tone.
Make spit section of hairs of about 2 inches above neck.
Pinch the section of hair strand and be careful that every strand should be about the same amount in extension you are going to attach.
Use a protection pad which must be attached with clip.
Place the tip which is in U shape at least 1cm away from roots.
Use a fusion connector to melt U shaped edges
Wait for some time until it dries.

Suitable for:

Our current presentation is solely elected to make you aware with safe way of applying hair extension tips in your hairs.


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