Ponytail Hairstyle in Korea

| February 27, 2015

There are many hairstyles in the fashion site. But the ponytail is the one and only forever hairstyle which fashion is never ever come down. This hairstyle is for the teen ages and school and collage going girls. Here we have the collection of the Korean ponytail styles in different category for the girls.

Girls can make the simple braid as a ponytail and also made this ponytail start from the side of the head and ends on the side ponytail. You can make the simple high ponytail and wrap the pony with the layer of the hair looking very hot. In other style, you can twist the two or three layers of hair and catch them into a side ponytail.

You can also gives the height with the back comb and catch the hair with pony and then take a scarf and wrap it on the hair. One can also gives the curls and catch in a pony and also make the twist and catch in a ponytail.

You can also make the pony with the double hair bands like you made the one pony on the height of the head and the other pony is made with the catches the overall hair in one pony. All these ponytails are looking very graceful and very easy to make by self.


elegant ponytail tutorial

korean ponytail hair style for girls

messt pony tail for korean girl

modern and trendy hair style

simple ponytail hair style

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