5 Simple And Important Types Of Things You Must Have In Your Bags If You Are Mom

| July 28, 2017

We know that women have to carry purse not only for style and fashion but also for use. She use purse to carry things from one place t anoter. Things can be cell phone, money, credit cards, debit cards, makeup, water bottle and a lot more which they think it is important to carry along with them. But when you are mom, you have to carry some extra stuff with you for your kids if yu are going some where.

You might be thinking that what kid of think a lady may carry. If she is mom. Well stop thinking because we are going to discuss out what type of things and why she could carry things with herself if she is mom.

Stuff toys:


I know it is pretty much wiered if someone direct you to carry stuff toyes in your bag. But believe me you are going to need it if you have kids. Sometimes at several places your kids will touch and want things at places where it is forbidden. Kids don’t listen to anyone. You can grab his attention while showing him his favorite stuff toy and he might sit at place for some time.

Soft chewy food:


It is common type of food that mother like to carry in their bags for kids. Because they can get hungry at any place and you have to feed your kid otherwise they would start crying. Liquid products may spill in your bag so it is kind of perfect for kids. Specially if you are going to travel.

Diaper pants:


I don’t think that I have to tell you how much important to carry extra pairs of diaper pants with you in your bag if you are mom. You will need it anytime at any place.



Candy could be great option for kids who can tease you at your place or another. You can bribe your kids to be a good boy/girl. If he/she do, then he/she will get a piece of candy. This trick is pretty much effective for all kids.

Diaper pack:


Have a extra diaper pack in your bag. You will need it soon specially at nigt. At night time it is necessary that kid should wear diaper because in sleep, he/she can cause mess.


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