New Style Bridal Clutches 2016

| August 8, 2016

Hand bags are always been in fashion to carry necessary things. A clutch is a small hand bag to carry necessary small things like mobile, credit card etc. After the selection of bridal dress, jewellery and footwear a girl wants to buy a charming and stylish clutch. A clutch always enhances the grace of the bride.

This black clutch is looking beautiful. It is made in velvet stuff. It is full of stones, pearls, chain, mesh and other things. A big black stone is placed on the top. You can put your lipstick, mirror and some money.  This beautiful round clutch is made of metal. It is embellished with white pearls and stones. It is specially designed for brides. It will be looking great with lehnga and sharara.  A bride carrying this unique clutch will be looking elegant.

This black clutch is also made in velvet. The peacock  brooch has made it stylish. Its edges are in round shape. There are multi colors in buckle as they occur in real peacock. The golden clutch has a different shape. It is full of golden stones and it is made in metal. Its opening buckle is in ball shape and it has a short golden chain. This golden clutch with round edges has a different style with hanging mesh. The opening buckle in ring shape is also looking different. The top part of the purse is full of pearls and the lower is full of mesh in hanging. A bride can carry it with lehnga on her wedding day and also carry it with maxi on her walima.

This golden clutch is designed for those brides who like glitter and shiny things. They will like it the most.  This clutch has a long flip cover and it also has a long chain. It will give you a gorgeous look on your wedding. It will be looking nice with saree. You can use it as a hand bag.

The golden clutch is made in banarsi stuff. It is decorated by some cora work, yellow stones and sequences. It has a short handle to carry. This red clutch is also made in velvet. It also has a beautiful brooch in peacock shape. The peacock is full of white stones which enhance the red color. When you will carry this one, you will be looking pretty. This will be looking good with maxi and saree.

The clutch in maroon color is looking simple. Its one corner is embellished with white stones. You can carry it casually. This heart shape clutch is looking awesome. It is an eye catching purse. It is embedded with milky white pearls on the whole area. When you carry this one, everyone will notice and praise you. And it will make you the centre of the party.

Blue is a cool color so, this blue clutch is an impressive thing. This can be carry with blue dress. It has golden frame and a large brooch is placed in the centre of the purse to open it. It is made in metal and full of stones. The color and the buckle made it unique. You can carry this blue clutch with your maxi. It will give you a stunning look.

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