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| January 16, 2015

Anklets Wearing Ideas:

Do you thinking that anklets are out of fashion? If yes then you are thinking wrong because now days fashion has reached at a point where most of the past trends are coming back with strong influence. Anklets are again in fashion. You can find different types of anklets such as some are Noisy anklets because these have bells, some are without bells & never make noise while some are with lucky charms. Mostly anklets are made with metal such as gold, silver, brass, stainless steel etc. For the purpose of decoration pearls, crystals, beads, rhinestones & gemstones are used.

In modern countries mostly women consider that anklet is an inappropriate piece of jewelry during the working or office hours. But you can use it after office timing. It is a perfect piece of jewelry for beach parties. Teenage girls can use it as casual wear. Mostly in India ladies wear anklets for personal decoration and sometimes for good luck.

There are different ways to wear anklet such as you can wear anklets with sandals, with high heels, on your Churidar pants and even with bare legs. Let’s explore some different styles & designs of anklets that can be used at various events, casually or formally!

Bridal Anklet:

1 ladies wearing anklets ideas

This fancy anklet is just an ideal choice for the bridal wear. Indian or Pakistani bridals can wear this design of anklet with their heavily embellished wedding dress.

Kundan Anklet:

2 ladies wearing anklets ideas (8)

This anklet is designed very gorgeously by following the pattern of Kundan jewelry that’s why I call it Kundan anklets.

Pearl Anklet:

3 ladies wearing anklets ideas (2)

This anklet is made by using pearls. It is looking very cute & pretty. Girls can use for beach parties.

Crochet Anklet:

4 ladies wearing anklets ideas (15)

What will you say about this unique & creative crochet anklet with toe ring? When you go at sea side then this is just right footwear for you.

Simple Anklet:

5 ladies wearing anklets ideas (7)

For casual use this simple & light weight anklet is just an ideal choice.  If you like then you wear a ring into your toe finger.

Heavily Embellished Anklet:

6 ladies wearing anklets ideas (16)

If you are going to marry soon & belong from a traditional Indian family then this heavily embellished anklet is appropriate for you.

Silver Anklet:

7 ladies wearing anklets ideas (6)

This silver color beaded anklet is just perfect for those girls who want noisy anklets.

Fashion of Anklets:

Hopefully, you will like these anklet ideas. After reading this article you will surely get lots of information about this piece of jewelry. Keep on visiting this site regularly so that you can get latest updates about fashion!

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