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| June 23, 2014

Now a day, bracelet trend is prominent among the youngest. They give motto bracelets one another as a gift.  Motto bracelets are with different signs such as Anchor sign, this sign used Christians for the secure and best future, infinite sign used for forever love and some bracelets are with written special words or lines like Best Friend, Love, courage, congratulate, Sister, Hope, Believe, Faith and Where there’s a will there’s a way etc.

These bracelets made with leather, ropes, wax cords, chain and metal.  Some buckles made with animals shapes like elephant, eagle, owl and some others. Bracelets also used for friendship ban, these bracelets are mostly beaded style.

Bracelets are with many leather colors such as pink, light green, sky blue, dark blue, red, skin etc. Buckles made with gold and silver metals. This trend is famous both girls and boys. Here are latest motto bracelets gallery you can visit.

blue and golden color motto Bracelet

brown color motto Bracelet 2014

girls wear motto Bracelet collection

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