Choker Necklace Exclusive Designs

| July 31, 2015

Choker necklace: Specific type of jewelry which is a close-fitting necklace worn on the neck. Such type of jewelry is designed while keeping view flattened patterns while keeping view latest fashion trends.

Current presentation: Our currently disclosed presentation is linked with display of ravishing collection of geometric necklace, exclusively elected to satisfy women from head and heart.

Red and black choker necklace

1 different style of choker necklace collection (3)

Here is an example of eye catching beautiful choker necklace in red and black combination of colors. As u can se the use of shimmer and a glamorous shine is given to each and every segment of this choker necklace to bring about more beauty in it.

White bridal wear choker necklace

2 different style of choker necklace collection (4)

Here is a tremendous example of white choker necklace which is made by using a lace pattern as base and accomplished by using various sized beads in white and transparent color. This choker necklace is perfect to wear as a bridal accessory for western brides.

Tiara shaped choker necklace style

3 different style of choker necklace collection (6)

This tiara shaped choker necklace is a perfect and finest example of beauty in royal style. It gives a look of queen to the wearer. The necklace is accomplished by using red stones, rubies, and a deep red base with accomplishment of hanging black beads around it.

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