Classy Leather Bracelet for Girls & Boys

| July 5, 2014

In this age of modernism, various fashion designers, artistic & creative people are making lots of interesting jewelry pieces by taking inspirations from their surroundings, living & non-living items. Similarly, bracelets are also designed very amazingly by taking ideas from birds, animals, flowers, & lots of other interesting items.

Bracelet is piece of jewelry which is usually worn into the wrist. Bracelets can play a fundamental role in order to add some style, chicness & gorgeousness into your personality. Bracelets can be used as casual wear as well as for formal wear. Here I bring the very creative collection of leather bracelet for you. I hope that you will like this assortment.

Antique Leather Bracelet:

1 2014 leather bracelet collection

In this picture you can see the very classic, traditional & vintage style of bracelet. This bracelet is made with brown leather & decorated with four corer flower metal piece & with an antique design metallic key. Basically we call it a wrist cuff because this bracelet has a cuff like wide shape.

Brown Leather Bracelet:

2 beautiful brown color leather bracelet

Mostly the brown color leather is used into the manufacturing of these bracelets as you can see the four strap leather bracelet which ends with a metallic closure. This is a simple & unisex design bracelet which can be worn by boys & girls, men & women.

Beaded Bracelet:

3 beautiful leather bracelet

Bracelets can be decorate by using lots of items such as beads, crystals, rhinestones, pearls, metal pieces, keys, infinity signs etc but this bracelet is adorned with the help of turquoise & brown color beads plus round & rectangular shape of floral pattern metal which is in light golden color. Girls can use this piece of bracelet into their wrist especially when they are going to attending a formal party.

Leaf Bracelet:

4 women wear leather bracelet

Look at this bracelet which is prepared by taking inspiration from the leaf of a tree. The dark brown color leather is used into the manufacturing. Leaf shape cuts are fabulous & flawless. This bracelet has a golden color metallic closure. Again it is a unisex design I mean men & women both can wear it casually as well as formally.

Leather & Lace Bracelet:

5 new collection leather bracelet

Have a look at this very delicately designed bracelet which is designed by using white color lace & leather. The metallic love sign is adding some charm into this bracelet. You can also call it a love bracelet.  You can prepare it at home also by using old leather jacket or other leather goods. You can use glue for pasting lace with leather & then the both ends of this wrist wear can be congested by using metallic closure.

Simple Bracelet:

6 girls wear leather bracelet

Look at this very simple & unique piece of wrist wear. This bracelet is made by using thin & double string of leather plus a light turquoise color stones is added into the center of this bracelet. Don’t worry because this design is equally perfect for both boys & girls.

Cheap Leather Bracelets Assortment:

For exploring more designs of bracelets you can check out the following picture gallery. In this gallery you can see the very unique & exclusive bracelets. You can impress your friends & cousins by wearing such fabulously deigned bracelets after one another. Yes, it your time to fulfill your jewelry box with such amazing designs of bracelets. Take a look!

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