Current Earring Designs And Trend You Need to Know

| August 22, 2015


Earrings are considered as wearing apparels that is likely to be worn out by women. Pearl and opal earring are widely required by graceful women and chain earrings are often carried by groovy minded women as well.

Current presentation

Our currently maintained presentation is allied with display of passionate and gracious white opal earring designs for women.

Silver opal earring designs for women

2 White Opal Earrings collection (1)

We have elected standardize fashion opal earring design for ladies who are truly interested to fascinate their personality. As you can observe that these earrings are based upon pure silver metal and in center portion, opal stone is placed. Surrounding of stone is covered with traditional design encrusted with rhinestones.

Long floral opal earring design for women

2 White Opal Earrings collection (11)

These earrings are fully loaded and managed with number of opals and each opal is surrounded by a thin layer of metallic antique design encrusted with number of small rhinestones.

Heart shape opal earring designs for women

3  White Opal Earrings collection (8)

Women often attracted toward accessories which are symmetrically heart shape in nature. We have drafted  set of earrings in which metal of silver is molded in heart shape and stone of opal in circular shape is fixed in center.

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