Cute Rings And Bands Style For The Engagement

| February 4, 2017

Engagement is the ceremony when everybody is very happy because is the little ceremony but the people are gather at one place and want to enjoy this day .on the engagement day two lovers are going to connect with each other rings are the token of love that they will remain together forever .before the wedding engagement ceremony is organized in which the boy and the girl put the ring in the fingers of each other. Rings are carried in different style like the cocktail, rhinestone embellished, mid rings and many more rings are used on the engagement but it is up to your choice which type of ring do you want to carry.

Now in this trendy age not only white stones are used for the rings rather all the colors are good because these   rings remain forever with you  rings with bands are good sometime twin  rings are best .this ring is the first   gift which you give to your husband and the wife  and if the ring is in the diamond stone then it will give more happiness  to  your fiancé  so here I have some beautiful rings for you stay with us and see the different style.

Ring with band:

1. top 5 engagement rings and bands

Sleek ring with the stone embellished is looking beautiful because sometime the brides don’t want to go with the heavy rings then you can go with the bands because the groom wear the bands the crystal stones  are on the rings it is twin ring  like the ring and the band together it is looking so stylish and trendy .

Heart stone ring:

2. top 5 engagement rings and bands

On the engagement you can carry the heart  style ring  heart  style with the round shape and the multi stack in the ring  you can wear t on your wedding day because it is fully shiny and sparkling  with your all color  dresses in your white complexion this ring is looking so beautiful  for the brides something fancy and the stylish rings remain good because they are the center of attraction.

Diamond style diamond ring:

3. top 5 engagement rings and bands

In the rings choice the diamond ring is the best for giving your bride  because on the engagement when you wore the diamond ring in your bride hand then it will remember  forever  and  diamond is most precious metal of the world it will show you that your love is so precious for  him  in the diamond style ring  fully delicate and the crystal stones are used in the  ring sides on your hands  you can apply the matching nail paint .

Golden with silver:

4. top 5 engagement rings and bands

Golden with the silver is gorgeous choice   because when two blushing shades will be together at one place then it will give you nice and sparkling look  in the hands  you can carry the bracelet and the other ring  so the groom will put the  sleek  silver ring in your finger with the  golden band in the back of the ring is looking fabulous  you can use the silver nail paint for the more beauty.

Metallic gold with stone:

5. top 5 engagement rings and bands

Golden metallic bands are looking so royal because this style of bands were carried  in the old age  golden metallic  bands  are same in the fingers of the  couple  and the stone  embellished silver ring is in the hand of the bride this style of ring is called the twin ring it look very  decent and show your live to each other  on the engagement you can  wear it in your  routine because it is so simple and delicate.

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