Dangling Earrings Collection for Ladies

| January 30, 2015

Hand Painted Dangle Earrings:

When we talk about the jewelry then I think the most commonly used pieces of jewelry are rings, bracelets, earrings & necklace. Almost every lady & girl likes to use these items casually as well as formally.

In case of formal wear all these pieces can be used together while in case casual wear mostly it is preferable to choose one or two pieces of jewelry. For casual use you can go with a ring & pair of earring or you can go with a bracelet & earrings. The rule in case of jewelry is; “wear less & look elegant”!

Today, on this page, you are going to check out the dangling earrings that are decorated by using the technique of hand painting. That’s why I call this collection “hand painted dangling earring collection”.

Painted Dangle Tulip Earrings:

1 Hand Painted  Dangle collection

Check out this dangling pair of earring. The design of this pair is quite similar to Tulip flower. Then colorful paint is used in order to paint the petals of the tulip flower.

Sea Shell Painted Dangle Earrings:

2 Hand Painted  Dangle collection (1)

This is a seashell design pair of dangling earring. Peach & yellow color paint is also used in order to give a unique look to each sea shell. Pearls are also used into this pair of dangling earrings.

Water Stone Dangle Earrings:

3 Hand Painted  Dangle collection (2)

Each earring is made by using three water stones. The central water stone is painted by using black paint color. By using paint colors you can create abstract art, flowers, birds & other designs on the earrings so that you can make your pair of earring more flattering & fashionable.

Floral Design Hand Painted Earrings:

4 Hand Painted  Dangle collection (3)

This is another fabulously designed pair of earring. By using black, yellow & orange color paint the flower design is created on each erring.

Handmade Painted Dangling Earring:

5 little vase Hand Painted  Dangle collection

Little vase shape ornaments are used for making this pair of earring. Then the vases are decorated by using golden & black color paint.

Dangling Earrings:

You can use these earrings for casual use as well as for formal use with your modern tunics & tops. Most of the earring are included into this collection are lightweight. You can find hand painted jewelry at less price on various shops. So, don’t worries about price just pick up your favorite style from the following gallery!

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