Elegant Designs of Dainty Stones and Layered Necklaces

| October 6, 2016

Women are crazy about jewelry whether it is gold jewelry or artificial jewelry and they adorn themselves with different kinds of jewelry on different occasions. Mostly women prefer gold jewelry but it is very costly and all women cannot afford it so they like to wear other kinds of jewelry like pearls, stones etc. Mostly women adorn themselves casually with lightweight gold jewelry as chains, pendants and necklace and in this article we will talk about the lightweight gold chains made in dainty stones so let’s start.

The delicate gold necklace is designed in many layers and decorated with some dainty stones placed in each chain looking so beautiful and can only used for casual wear but can also be used in any kind of special event with some special dresses like sari. The single chain is made in gold and a dainty stone is placed in the centre to make it beautiful looking nice and perfect for daily use.

The heart shape small pendant is set with delicate gold chain and the other gold chain is decorated with black stone placed in the frame of gold this is also called lave stone necklace because of the black color looking nice and can be used for casual wear with black dress and you can use it with any other color too.

The layered necklace is designed in 9 delicate layers and different kinds and different colors of pearls are used in each chain and other short necklace made of thin gold chains is so elegant and simple and each chain has its own pendant in heart shape and round shape looking so nice. Three layered chain necklace is decorated with tiny leafy gold pendant, ring pendant and round pendant looking unique and beautiful.

Delicate gold chains with dainty stones and combine to make the beautiful necklace. This delicate looking adorable and beautiful necklace is designed for casual wear and a young girl can carry this in a wedding ceremony too if she want. All of three layers of gold chain are designed in a different way and some tiny and different color beads are used to adorn the three layered necklace looking nice and can be used for matching purpose because of the different colors of pearls and girls who want to adopt the boho style must use this necklace.

All the necklaces are delicate and adorable and can be used for casual and formal wear and some of them can be used for functions too. So adorn yourself with a beautiful and delicate necklace.

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