Exquisitely Mode Kundan Jewelry Collection 2016-17 by Meemos

| October 25, 2016

Kundan style jewelry is the most traditional jewelry desired by every woman. Jewelry is the best companion of women when going outside. And especially at the occasion of marriage and any event women do not feel herself complete until adorned with jewelry. A woman embellished with beautiful jewelry remains the center of attention for every other woman.

If we talk about Kundan jewelry, a woman wearing kundan jewelry give the effect of classic and modern at the same time. Kundan jewelry is the fusion of old and new one and it never goes out of trend. Meemos has presented the latest style in kundan jewelry for this year and the year to come. It would be a pleasure for women to behold this collection and luck to wear this.

Jhumka in kundan style;


Jhumka is the most stunning piece of jewelry in the collection and it is magnificently crafted. Two lines of white pearls at the end of the jhumkas are enhancing the beauty and a layer of pearl is there to keep it behind the ear. These two styles of pearls embellishment are complementing each other. A big stone is fastened at the center of the jhumka and small- multi shaded pearls stud on all over it are making the whole jhumka lovely, classical and stunningly beautiful. Different colors of pearls are giving the advantage to match this piece of jewelry with different colorful outfits.

Karras decorated with ruby;


On wedding functions women would like to come with heavy jewelry. Bangles in one hand and karra in the other hand make her hands look beautiful and complete. Karras given in this collection is magnificently beautiful and every woman would long for it. Even bridals love to wear it and this tradition is coming from the very old times. Royal bride would wear this kind of karra and still at present it gives regal look to its possessor. Meemos has showcased the karra that is embellished with ruby and white stones and is detailed with multiple layers of white medium sized pearls at the edges of the karra. This karra will suit you best when you are wearing traditional dress.

Bracelet in kundan style;


Multi colored bracelet in the collection is somewhat breathtaking as it is classically modern and is wearable with any kind of attire whether it is traditional or not. Not only women but girls of young age like to pair this with their dresses. The bracelet is available in multi-colored beautiful stones that make it look attractive and stylish. Not only in wedding but also on casual occasion you can adorn your wrist with it.

Complete set in emerald ruby;


Once looking at this collection no woman will desire to go anywhere else as you can have everything here. A complete set of jewelry including earring, ring and pendant available in same style pattern are provided here. The midst part is designed in floral pattern and d├ęcor with emerald ruby, then a small emerald ruby in round shape at the center of the products are giving it another level of beauty and charm. The whole set is exuding the fusion of classical and modern at the same time.

Necklace in ferozi;


Necklace in ferozi gives the best complement if it is coupled with maxi or skirts. We cannot confine these products with the traditional dresses only but with modern dresses like skirts these things will look lovely and trendy. This necklace is designed with beads in ferozi color then pendant at the center and drop at the end of the necklace are making the whole piece stylish and classy.

Hence, what else woman could desire if not classy things like these. It seems from the collection that the brand had tried to fulfill every demand of girls and women by making the products in traditional and classy way as well.

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