Incredibly Beautiful Maang tikka and Matha Patti Latest Designs for Wedding

| September 10, 2016


The latest trend of jewelry that is hitting the awesome style of both brides and young girls is Maang Tikka and Matha Patti. Yes, even young girls are wearing highly deluxe Matha Pattis to different wedding festivities that make their style statement more of unique. Well for brides, it is just incredible to décor the Maang with Matha Patti or tikka that enhance their face and has deep significance for a Suhagan.

These days there are multiple styles with a bride can go in which Rajasthani style mang tikka, borla, crescent style, Jhoomer tikka, teardrop tikka, one layer Matha Patti, double and multi layered Matha Pattis, gold mang tikka, small stone tikka, round tikka, tiara like tikka, Kundan mang tikka and Matha Patti and many others. You can style any of these Maang tikka or Matha Pattis but I would like to recommend that before going any of jewels, a bride must check out rightly that it may compliment her face features and look. For this purpose, brides should go for shop before wedding days but don’t do fast decision in selecting this forehead gear.

The next thing is to go with right hairstyle with your wedding Matha Patti or mang tikka as many of brides get confused in picking the best look hairstyles on which mang tikka may look gorgeous. To stand out the mang tikka or Matha Patti every bride can have extra bounce in hairs whether you are going to make open wavy hairstyle or any up do. We are giving you chance to take advantage and have a look over the collection in which new designs will leave you spellbound.

Elaborate gold Matha Patti:


Elaborative Matha Patti is just fantastic with fully decorated design and we have picked gold with tiny beads Matha Patti worn by the mehandi bride. This Matha Patti has made her exquisite giving the divine shine of gold that she has put over the wavy bouncy hairstyle. Blow dry your hair and then get waves, in this way your hairs will attain the extra bump and your face get the proper accentuating look.

Round shape mang tikka design:


The trend of round mang tikka was in past but we are seeing it more glorious in this age too. This circlet mang tikka has beautiful embellishment of red elaborate beads and the green big stone in centre. The round mang tikkas are best for long shape brides but if you are round face shape girl then avoid styling this on wedding as it will further define your round face. The advantage to style this is that brides can simply centre part hairs and put this to look gorgeous.

Crown mang tikka trend:


Crown mang tikka are also similar to a beautiful tiara and the trend of wearing such design mang tikka is getting popular, so this is another choice for mod brides. But wearing out this mang tikka, you will have to put more attention on hairstyling, bouffant is necessary to keep the lure of regal design tikka and try to have curls otherwise straight hairs can also go well.

Rajasthani borla mang tikka:


Rajasthani borla mang tikka is still in trend, in fact now the modern brides also pick up this style tikka to accentuate the majestic beauty and to create the significance. This Pakistani actress Aiza Khan wore borla traditional mang tikka to her mehandi with matching gold jewelry that is creating flawless impressions and the tempting lure is much more for a bride.

Kundan two layer Matha Patti:


The most fantabulous Matha Patti is the Kundan Matha Patti with suited layers. You have choice to keep the stripes single, dual or in multi layers too. The best thing about Kundan jewelry is that it royally enhances the grandeur of bridal on her wedding day. If you are going with typically reds and gold then it would be classy to have Kundan jewelry and Matha Patti.

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