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| July 12, 2014

Sari Belt:

A belt is generally a piece of jewelry which is worn around the waistline but when a woman wears it with a sari (Saree) then this belt is called a Saree belt. It is also called kamarband. Saree is mostly worn by the Indian women so we can say this waistline accessory or jewelry is also used commonly by the Indian women. However, each woman who wears Saree can use it.  This piece of jewelry can play a vital role in order to enhance your beauty & charm. Some unique designs of kamarband are shown below. I hope you will appreciate this collection.

Pearl Kamarband:

1 Sari Belt or Kamarband (9)

This top & bottom layer of pearls kamarband is looking very nice with a center brooch. If you look deeply into this picture then you will observe that two more layers of little pearls inside into these two big pearls layers. Golden color metal is used from attaching these pearls.

Rhinestone Waist Band:

2 Sari Belt or Kamarband (3)

This is a very stylish kamarband which is adorned by using colorless rhinestones. This piece of waist jewelry can go perfect with your solid black color Saree. It can highlight your waistline.

Bridal Jumkish Sari Belt:

3 Sari Belt or Kamarband (10)

This sari belt is perfect for those ladies who want to wear a Saree on their wedding day. A jumkish style is followed for making this kamarband elegant & gorgeous. Purple, red & green color rhinestones plus pearls are used for decorating this waist belt.

Kundan Kamarband Design:

4 Sari Belt or Kamarband (6)

Have a look at this three paisley design kundan kamarband. Each paisley is adorned by using gemstone. In left & right paisley green color stones are used while the middle paisley is adorned by using red color stone. The colorless round & tear drop shape rhinestones are also used into this kundan kamarband.

Traditional Golden Waist Belt:

5 Sari Belt or Kamarband (2)

If you need a traditional design of kamarband for an upcoming festival then I think this golden color rhinestone, beads & pearl adorned double layered waist belt is the best choice for you. This can be easily wearable with any color & style of Saree.

Silver Saree Kamarband:

6 Sari Belt or Kamarband (1)

Need silver kamarband instead of golden? Don’t worry just look at above picture it is a totally a silver color piece of waist belt. The four layers of little crystals ends with dangling style triangular shape crystal brooch. Silver kamarband can go perfect with pink, turquoise, black, red, & lots of other light & bright colors of sarees.

Jhalar Kamarband:

7 Sari Belt or Kamarband (8)

This is a Jhalar style kamarband which is adorned by using maroon & silver color rhinestones. Only tear drop shapes of stones are used.

Crystal Kamarband:

8 Sari Belt or Kamarband (11)

Look at this simply designed little crystal embellished Saree belt! It is looking really very nice & decent. The women who never like heavy jewelry designs can use this light weight & elegant kamarband with their any color & style of Saree.

More Kamarband Designs:

Look at more pictures for discovering new designs of waist belts for sarees. Peacock, pearls & kundan designs of kamarbands are here at your one click. So click on each photo one-by-one & explore more designs!

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