“The Art of Color” Jewelry Collection Presented By the “House of Fabergé”

| November 20, 2013

“House of Fabergé” is a jewelry manufacturer brand which is established in the year of 1842 & its founder name is “Gustav Faberge” who used his last name “Faberge” as the fashion label. This company is popular only because of its intricate, sophisticated & elaborate designs.

Here you can explore its new “Art of Color” collection which consists on the very gorgeous & graceful jewelry items such as rings, necklaces, earrings etc.  The fashion house showcased some photos for the purpose of advertisement & you can also look at these.

The focal point of this collection is the usage of the precious & luxurious gemstones during the manufacturing of all these items. All this jewelry ultimately leads towards the creation of an influential, aesthetic & modern touch into the personality of a woman as you can observe from the following images in which model is looking very graceful, confident & decent.

Topic: Branded Jewelry Collection
For: Women
Brand: House of Faberge
Collection includes: Rings, Necklaces, Earrings etc
Designs: Graceful & Exciting
Embellished with: Precious Gemstones

House of Fabergé Presents 'The Art of Colour'

House of Fabergé Presents 'The Art of Colour' jewelry

Presents 'The Art of Colour'

stylish House of Fabergé Presents 'The Art of Colour'

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