The Way to Carry the Jewelry With your Wedding Dresses

| July 12, 2016

0. How To Pick Jewellery with  Your Wedding Outfit 0+ How To Pick Jewellery with  Your Wedding Outfit

Wedding is such a day which remember everyone for  their whole life because at the day of wedding two lovers and two persons are going to be connected in a sacred relationship which is called marriage and in Islam it is a   religious obligation to marry in the   mature age means when the boys and girls become young means in the age of adolescence then connect them in the relation of marriage .so the  main talking which I want to do  with you is the jewelry which should be perfect with your dress because your selection of jewelry can tell  us  your personality  and when you are going to purchase  the jewelry then keep some points in  your mind which is compulsory for everyone   to know .on the wedding mostly bride  prefer to carry the gold ,silver and diamond  jewelry but  some ant to carry matching jewelry with their wedding dress  but now a day’s all the things are  in the trend  it is not compulsory for you that you wear only matching  jewelry but you can add some pearls and ,motif according your  dress color  so stay with us and see  in which way you can carry  the jewelry.

Adopt a new style:

1. How To Pick Jewellery with  Your Wedding Outfit

When  you are going to  be ready for your wedding then  wear the new style jewelry and introduce the new style  in the public  don’t wear the old style which is carried by many previous brides  if the trend of  motifs and the stones in the last year then  you should wear the kundan   with the big  colorful stones it is great combination and the kundan always look beautiful  in  the jewelry  add the matching stones  with your dress .

Avoid too much jewelry:

2. How To Pick Jewellery with  Your Wedding Outfit

Some brides  carry too much  jewelry on their wedding they look cattle and the slaughter  animal  it is wrong thing  because excess of everything is bad   if your dress is  heavy then you should carry the light weight  jewelry  if the  necklace  is heavy then  carry the light  stones  and  motifs  mang tikka with the    one color  bangles and the  rings it is good for you that don’t wear  heavy jewelry with the bnarsi wedding dress.

Keep in your mind the dress:

3. How To Pick Jewellery with  Your Wedding Outfit

When you are  buying the  wedding jewelry then  the color ,structure and the   work of  the dress keep in your mind because   it is good for you to select jewelry   according to the dress  because all the brides make different dresses on their wedding  some go with the lehengha sarree  some select the  lehengha  and choli and some like to wear lehengha and  kurti   because the choli  and blouse of the sarree is too much heavier then carry light jewelry  if you   want to make the   dress simple then  carry  heavy  embellished  jewelry. But a thing that you should keep in your mind that the broad neckline remain good with the   heavy jewelry.

Beware from fake:

4. How To Pick Jewellery with  Your Wedding Outfit


5. How To Pick Jewellery with  Your Wedding Outfit

Some people   don’t know the real thing they thing the fake thing is real  and the shopkeepers   trapped themselves and   sale  their fake things in the prices of  real  but  you should not be hurry in buying first check the quality and the material of the thing then pay  it  if you are going to  buying the  gold and diamond jewelry then buy and check it to another jeweler that  it is real or fake .so kundan jewelry is perfect with the pearls because it is not too much heavy and it can be worn with any color wedding dress.

Floral jewelry:

6. How To Pick Jewellery with  Your Wedding Outfit

Now a days it is trend  in the Indian and the  Pakistani  brides that they carry  flower make jewelry  it is  good for the spring season  it is not only make with the fresh flowers but it is available in the plastic  form and the velvet stuff also   it is very beautiful and when you carry it you look  gorgeous  it is  good to carry  flower made mang tikka  necklace and the  colorful glass  bangles are great  idea for the wedding day you can carry it with your heavy embellish  dress.

Western bride’s jewelry:

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The  brides who  live in the  west  areas  they   carry very wide and broad  neckline gown  and some carry  strapless and off shoulder dresses  then they carry the  long   ,bib  necklace ,hanging pearl  and the  rhinestone made  statement necklace can carry on their wedding it is great choice  for  their wedding and they can add  the  crystal stones  it is also a nice choice  these necklaces can carry with your other outfits also because it is light and sparkling.

 Note: in the gallery you can see the brides with the perfect jewelry    select anyone  style and

go  in your wedding it is   good for you  to buy jewelry to keep these points in your mind  don’t wear heavy  jewelry with heavy dresses.

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