Assortment of very Eye-catching Decoration Accessory: Dried Branches

| January 8, 2014

Basically, I am going to tell you about how you can use dried branches in lot of several ways in the decoration of your home by decoration them with lots of interesting items. Dried branches are easily available into your garden; if not then you can purchase it from the market on less prices. Now the second step is the adornment of these dried branches of tress. You can use colorful or printed papers, balls, springs, artificial flowers & leaves, etc in order to decorate this accessory.

Another interesting idea for the adornment of these zigzag sticks is:  take a colorful paper then cut is in the shape of petals & then paste all these artificial & colorful petals on the branches with help of scotch tape. Second impressive idea is the usage of small or medium size balls in the decoration of these dried branches.

You can warp up all these balls in various colors of shinny or plain papers & then hang these balls (with the help of thread) with these twisted branches. You can keep these curly sticks into the beautiful & elegant vases. These vases look very eye-catching when you keep them into your bedroom, dinning room, kitchen or even in the office.  Get more & comprehensive ideas from the pictures show below!

Topic: Decoration Ideas for Homes & Offices
Item Used is: Died Branches
Decorated with: Various interesting & cheap items such as paper, balls etc
Perfect for keeping: at homes & in Offices

Dried Branches Decorated with Red Balls & Golden Color springs

0 balls Decorative Dried Branches

Tree Branches Adorned with Colorful & Shinny Balls

1 beautiful Decorative Dried Branches 2014

Use red, yellow & green color Artificial Petals in order to decorate your Dried Branch

2 orang and red color Decorative Dried Branches 2014

Petals made with printed Papers & then pasted on the branches

3 colourful Decorative Dried Branches  2014

Elegant Dried Branch Decorated with Wheel Style Stuff

4 elegant Decorative Dried Branches

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